If you own a business and you have consulted with an Orange County SEO company or hired one, then you’ve probably had numerous strategy sessions with them. A part of those sessions likely touched on the subject of video, the reason being that video content is so necessary for attracting page views and dwell time to your website as we approach 2019. In this article, we’ll discuss some strategies for how you can make the best use of video so that you can boost your engagement numbers, and hopefully, your sales.


Embedded Video Content


The blog on your website should be a focal point, Orange County, regardless of what it is that you create or the services your business provides. Your SEO company should always be coming up with topics that make for the most interesting blogs, as this provides an incentive for people to come and visit. You can promote your new blogs via social media posts on your various platforms.


It is helpful, though, to create videos that you can embed in your blog posts. This is almost guaranteed to increase your dwell time.


You have people who are reading the article already. The article likely answers a question or solves a problem. You then have a video that gives a visual depiction of that question being answered or problem being resolved. You already know that those people who are reading the article are interested in the video topic, so presenting it to them right there in the middle of the blog makes it likely that they will want to watch it.


Production Quality


You’ll want the production quality of the videos to be as professional as possible, which is why you should contact the SEO agency in Orange County that has the most experience and staff members who have made many videos before.


In addition to technical expertise which should prove invaluable, they will also know how to create videos with any budget. If you have a substantial amount of money to dedicate to this endeavor, that’s great, but the ideal SEO company will also know how to use a shoestring budget to create some ideas that still suit the purpose and could even have an opportunity to go viral.


Going viral, of course, should be your aim in any circumstances. Even if just one of your videos reaches the public consciousness and is there for a brief amount of time, that could be enough to get an extraordinary number of people to become aware of your brand who didn’t know about you before.


As your SEO company in Orange County gets ready to optimize your website and social media channels, talk to them about their ideas for videos. They should be able to bring some fresh ideas to the table that will get you the market penetration that should be your ultimate goal.