About 1.4 billion people use Facebook with 900 million visits every day, and since Facebook is where your future customers hang out, you should find a way to reach out to them the fastest and most efficient way you can. Ads are the answer. Advertising on Facebook is easy both for you and your clients. When you open it, people can see shop directions; they can download an app, view videos, even add an item or two to a shopping cart or you can take them to do another action to your website. Aside from that, you can choose the audiences that see it by location, age, interests and more and decide the type of people you want to reach and deliver your adverts. The fact that you can apply filters when you’re reaching out to your social media Orange County audience makes your ads more relevant to the people who see them, so it brings you real results.



We have come up with important reasons how Facebook ads can contribute to making your business super successful starting today.

It’s too large for a business of any size to ignore! Yes, an average person spends about 40 minutes sharing, liking a comment and engaging on Facebook. Every 60 seconds, users can like more than 4.11 million posts, comments, images, and updates. Within this vast pool of people are your future customers and most of them visit Facebook every day.  Hence, your ads will most likely get seen by those geographically-filtered clients who matter to you.

It is a given fact that Facebook ads will expand the reach of your content. In using ads, you will end up getting more organic reach for your content as it is presented to a larger audience including engagement snowballs that comes when you go on social media.

If you haven’t realized yet, Facebook is extremely targeted! That is why Facebook ads are necessary as it helps you get in front of a particular, often motivated audience with your great targeting ads options.  

How does it work? A company creates the ad. Then, they choose the type of audience they would like to reach. If you are in that audience, then Facebook will show you the ad. As simple as that!

There is only one force dominating us in this modern day society: The Social Media. We know this because you like to check your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts several times day. So do your customers! This does not suggest, though,  that you should spend your money on every social platform out there.  To no surprise, there is one platform of  social media Orange County that ALL marketers simply cannot ignore, Facebook.

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