There’s no such thing as spontaneous SEO, Orange County businesses, and there’s no way to make your website appear at the top of the search results overnight. It takes hard work, and that’s why getting an SEO company involved in your marketing campaign makes sense. They can provide fresh eyes to look at your site and perhaps see some deficiencies that weren’t so obvious to you. If your in-house team plans on going over your site, here are some aspects to which they should be paying attention.


Distracting Ads and Pop-Ups


If you were to approach a random cross-section of people and ask them what they hate most when accessing a new site, getting bombarded with ads and pop-ups is probably going to be high on the list. UX, or user experience, matters when a potential customer comes calling. You should think twice about selling too much ad space, especially if those ads come in the form of pop-ups that dominate the whole screen and keep the user from getting to where they are trying to go. If they get mad enough, they’re going to leave your site, and chances are they won’t be coming back, especially if they perceive that there are other sites where they can get the same information or similar products.


You Must Have Calls To Action


Orange County businesses have a product or a service they are trying to sell. Whether they are focused on e-commerce or they are trying to get more foot traffic, they are looking to get a customer within their sales funnel. That means calls to action are critical, whether its a directive to get people to enter a contest, sign up for a mailing list, take advantage of a two-for-one coupon, or any other promotion or action you feel is most desirable. The best way to make your customers engage is to have those calls to action be prominent and noticeable. That means visitors should be able to see them within a couple of seconds of arriving at your landing page. When constructing your call to action, make the verbiage, colors, and font as appealing as possible.


No Broken Links


It’s also worth mentioning that broken links can be as frustrating for people as pop-up ads. When a link is broken and exhibits an error message, it serves as notification to the user that you are not taking care of maintenance on your site. They may decide that your products and services are no longer worth pursuing because of it.


That should be sufficient to get started, Orange County. Hire an SEO company to tackle all of these issues, or have your in-house marketing team work on them. Either way, make sure that your site is optimized so that you up your conversion rate.