For Orange County businesses that are trying to get noticed in a crowded marketplace, your website is like your representative that you send out into the world. It’s an extension of your company, the ultimate goal of which is to procure sales. To carry the analogy a step further, you want that representative to be immaculately dressed and well-spoken, not inarticulate. If your website gives the impression of professionalism, then you should be pleased, Orange County. But if it has serious design flaws and the UX is atrocious then you’ve probably just lost yourself a sale.


Simplicity Can Be To Your Advantage


Most people know that a landing page and a website that is aesthetically appealing are needed just as a general principle. It follows that you don’t want any part of your site to be too cluttered. If any of the pages contain too many elements jumbled together, it makes things look messy. As you go about your website design, Orange County, ask yourself if everything that you are including serves a purpose. If it doesn’t, then it’s better to dispose of it.


Don’t Distract From the Critical Elements


The best web designers know how to use whitespace. Think about what the Google logo looks like when you first access the site. It’s simplicity itself. Don’t be afraid of space around text, images, and different graphic elements. It allows what’s there to breathe. It’s a feature of cheap and low-quality sites that they’re noisy, busy, and have lots of movement and distracting features.


Target Your Likely Buyers


To say that a website design is “aesthetically appealing” is insufficient. What’s visually appealing to one person might not be to another. You would be wise to do some market research to try and get an idea of what your customer base likes to see. What sort of colors would they respond to favorably? What kind of images? Buyer personas matter and they vary according to what products and services you are providing.


Try to Engage Respectfully and Honestly


People tend to recognize gimmicks in marketing quickly, and most don’t respond well to them. In trying to encourage someone to buy your products through your website design, Orange County, be mindful of every phrase and headline you use. You’re trying to connect with a site visitor and explain to them precisely why it is to their benefit to buy from you. Try not to sound too corporate. Seek the human connection.


Website design is not something that should be undertaken in a slapdash fashion. It should be done with deliberation and care, Orange County. If you have the wide-ranging skill set to do it yourself, then do so, and if not, contact an internet marketing agency for the task.