Are you a business owner, and have you hired an SEO company Orange County? SEO companies are more popular than ever these days, mostly because companies understand the importance of optimization, but some of them don’t want to hire an employee specifically to run their website. Whether you’re using someone in-house or you’ve contracted an outside company, the objective remains the same. You want your site to rank highly, and you want more sales. But what if you hired a company and they promised results, but then a month went by and your Google ranking and traffic numbers stayed the same?


You Must Be Patient

It’s not at all unusual for it to take multiple months for an SEO campaign to yield the results for which you might be hoping. The reasons for that are twofold. On the side of the SEO company, it takes time to research your niche market, analyze it, and then produce the quality content that will eventually get you those numbers. For Google, it takes time to recognize that your website now has consistent quality content. It will then measure and rate it against similar sites in your niche. This judgment and ranking system is not instantaneous. That’s why you need to curb your expectations and be a little patient with the process.


What’s A Realistic Timeframe?

There was an era where SEO amounted to researching what keywords people were most likely to search for and then stuffing them into a website’s content. It was simple, mechanical, and ultimately unsustainable. These would come to be known as short-cut style tactics, and Google got wise to them as they updated and improved their algorithm. Because the way Google ranks websites is now less mechanical, it therefore follows that the timeline for success (higher rankings and more traffic) is far less of a simple formula to decode. A lot of SEO companies will tell you four to eight months, though six to twelve may be more in the ballpark.


The bottom line is that optimization time varies. There are so many factors to consider, including the size of your company, whether you’re local, national, or international, how general or specialized your niche market is, and how much competition you have. Therefore, it is realistic to give your SEO company a full year to see significant results. That might not be what some business owners want to hear, but if you hire a company and give them two weeks to magically double your sales or triple your website traffic, then you are going to be doomed to disappointment.