SEO Marketing: Not Just For Tech Companies

Hiring An SEO Company Orange County How Much Can It Help Your Business

SEO Marketing: Not Just For Tech Companies

The last time you needed to research a purchase, what did you do?  In past decades you may have asked friends, looked up the product in industry magazines, or even have gone to the library.  But nowadays, odds are you simply pulled out your phone or tablet and did a quick internet search.  Most people who need to make a purchase today do just that, and most people don’t read past the first two pages of search results.  The key to ensuring that they decide to purchase from your business, then, is making sure you’re on those first two pages.  While using  an SEO company Orange County dealerships can see a significant jump in page ranking, and that can translate into a jump in sales.


Does Do It Yourself Work?

Many business owners wonder if hiring an SEO strategy company is overkill.  After all, how hard can it be to run a website?  The fact is that trying to manage your business’s SEO strategy by yourself is a bit like trying to do all the graphic design and fabrication for your dealership’s sign.  Sure, you could do it, but it would take a lot of time, training, and expertise that you don’t have, and in the end you would get a sign that looks like it’s been put together by an amateur.  Most would rather hire a professional sign-maker, get assured quality, and free themselves up to make money.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind when designing an SEO strategy:


Is It Professional?

Thinking of the sign example again, you wouldn’t hire someone to do the graphic design for your sign unless you could see a portfolio of their work and you agreed that it looked professional, on-brand, and attractive.  An SEO company should be able to provide you with useful website content, social media marketing, and advice for how to reach your customers across multiple internet platforms (such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, and so on).   In addition, they should be able to provide all of these things in language and style that matches your business’s unique brand.


Is It A Good Return On Investment?

Auto dealerships have used traditional media and marketing for years, and have been seeing a declining return on investment for all of them.  The usual practice of paying for newspaper ads, 60-second radio spots, and 30-second television commercials without reflecting that the average auto customer spends about 12 hours searching the internet before they make a purchase.  Why keep fighting for an increasingly expensive piece of TV, radio, or print, when you can make sure that the customer’s internet research leads them straight to you?


How Can You Find A Good SEO Company?

While there are all sorts of companies out there who will say they can manage your SEO strategy for you, there are a few hiring best practices that can help you weed out the less-useful firms.  Auto dealerships, in particular, need a local company.  Since most dealers handle a lot of local business, it pays to have a company that understands the local area.  As well, it helps to have an SEO company that has worked with auto dealerships before and understands their unique needs.  Just like hiring someone to fabricate a sign for your dealership, an SEO company’s past experience matters.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  Your customers will judge your dealership based on your website, your social media presence, and their online experience of the dealership.  You wouldn’t leave the look of your showroom or sign to chance, so stop leaving your online presentation to chance and contact a quality, local SEO company today.




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