Having a great website design is not enough especially if your purpose is to attract more attention to the products or services you offer. Building a great platform and choosing the right theme is just halfway of getting found online. What matters most is SEO as it determines how and where your website appears in the SERPs. It might be true that your website design doesn’t lead potential Orange County customers to your website shopping cart or make them fill up the Sign Up form but showing up in search engines, especially on the ranking pages, is incredibly important to make them get there.

Google sees and rewards great websites, especially those that have been well-developed. Here are a few tips to ensure your Orange County business website gets noticed:


Mobile-responsive Website. A responsive design means that your website can determine which device the viewer is currently using and adjusts its looks, navigation and functionalities to the best way it can present information to the viewer.

Mobile devices are the media by which most online users are turning to to check updates on their social media or information on the internet; and if your website is not mobile-responsive, you’ll have to expect high bounce rates as visitors leave upon checking that they can’t view what they have been looking for on your site.

Remember that Google and other search engines include (UI) or user index experience in calculating your site’s SEO score. Make it count especially where your potential web visitors are: on their mobile devices.


Load Time.  Images are great at attracting customers or viewers. However, the bigger or the higher the file size of the images are, the slower it is to load them thus affecting your SEO score. It’s always a noteworthy practice to reduce the images’ file size before uploading them on your website.


 Cached website. Consider placing your website on a cached format that way its static and HTML version remains on your web visitor’s browser. It makes it easier for returning visitors to load your website this way. Check with your web developer as options like which page can be cached, duration by which these pages can be cached and the demographics of people who can cache it can be set.


Integrate social media sharing buttons on your content. Take advantage of the information your content have by placing social media sharing buttons after each blog. These provides free marketing for you especially if people find your content relevant and worthy to be shared to their followers.


Over-all usability. Getting a great web design and optimizing your content is all about user experience. Does your website content answer potential customers’ needs? Is it easy, fast and and simple enough to navigate? Can it be viewed on multiple devices especially on mobile ones?


You can check your bounce rate percentage to determine if the above questions are answered by your website. A percentage over 50 means that you need to improve your web design as well as your site’s usability. Remember that the reason why you’re improving it in the first place is to get more clients; and you could be missing out already if the issues weren’t corrected or addressed.

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