Nowadays, if you use flyers, brochures, billboard and coupons to promote your business those will most likely end in the trash as traditional marketing methods are eclipsed by online/digital marketing. People would most likely search google for dental clinics instead of looking at yellow pages or saved flyers.

Although both methods could establish a brand image and reputation for your business, which of these can help your business the most? An Orange County SEO expert gives you his insights about internet marketing, specifically dentist marketing.

Traditional Vs. Online Marketing

Most of the local businesses still use conventional methods of marketing like passing out flyers or posting ads on the locality hoping that people would remember them when their services are needed.

In the fast-paced world, though, these are not enough. Studies show that seventy-two percent (72%) of internet users look for health information online. Eighty percent (80%) looked for specific disease information or treatments and other health topics on the internet. Thirty-four percent (34%) read blogs, websites or newsgroup about other people’s health or medical issues and twenty-five percent (25%) go to Youtube or similar video sites for medical/ health-related topics.

That doesn’t stop there since these numbers are growing steadily every year.

Nowadays, when a person has a dental issue even as simple as a tooth extraction, they are going online not just to look at the map of the local clinics but also to select from the list the dental clinic that has the best rating or has the most positive reviews.

Consumer behavior has evolved so eventhough traditional marketing still helps, your online marketing for dentists or dental business will be more visible and searchable when people need one online.


Web Marketing for Dentists: Tips that will Give Your Dental Clinic an Edge

1. Dentist Websites Should be Exceptional.Potential customers will start looking for your clinic/ services if your dentist website provides detailed information of what you can offer without making it boring and difficult to find.

Information that should be included on your website design for dentists are:

  •  Your clinic’s contact/ phone number
  •  The websites for dentists should include a Map or directions to your clinic
  •  Links to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites
  •  Dentist websites must have a corner where customers can read or upload comments, suggestions or reviews about the services they have experienced at your clinic
  •  Dentist websites should employ a mobile-responsive design such that potential customers can read about it                         regardless of whether they are on a laptop, desktop, tablet or cellphone

2 . Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO dentist high rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo can help your website achieve the traffic that it needs to boost your business and this can be done by:

  •  providing helpful yet fresh and exciting articles, reviews, etc. as consumers will dwell more on contents that                 aren’t boring
  •  integrating promos as people will most likely read more of your content if they can get something out of it
  •  optimizing your web URLs, titles and descriptions
  •  improving the load time of your website

Drive Traffic Media provides SEO expert for dentist that will get you to the top ranks of Google through contents that are well-optimized and structured to boost traffic to your dental business.

3. Social Media Utilization.Most of your current or potential customers are active social media users and how else will you promote your business more if not for these platforms?

  • you can have your clinic advertised thru video testimonials from positive and happy customers
  • include reviews and photos of satisfied clients
  • announce special offers on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, etc.

Drive Traffic Media has services for dentist social media which aims to establish and increase your reach to potential customers or patients. Our dentist social media marketing utilizes major social media platforms which aims to get your dental practice to the next level through exposures to all social media channels.

4. Increase your Local Visibility by listing your business in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! and local directories such as Yelp or City Search.

Putting your dental clinic on these search engines through the dentist marketing services of Drive Traffic Media can boost your chances of being visible as people look for services via internet yellow pages nowadays.

5. Reputation Management. Reviews can either make or break any business and dentists and dental clinics are not immune to this that is why dentist reputation management is a must. Statistics show that fifty-two (52%) of the people who were referred by colleagues and friends to a business, i.e. dental clinic, actually look at that clinic’s reviews or online rating. Think how you’ll get business if you have a bad review (s). A separate study even showed that eighty-percent (80%) of the patients change their decision in subscribing to a service after they have read a negative review of a dental clinic.

     How can you Put ‘Fillings’ To Bad reviews? Drive Traffic Media gives you advice to achieve a better dentist reputation management:

  • Check how your competitions are doing, know where you stand against them, and start a massive dental reputation management overhaul.
  • Create and be active in your social media accounts. Facebook, being home to close to 2 Billion people is a great platform to engage with potential and existing clients alike.
  • Encourage your patients to write down their email addresses and let them know to expect a review form from you.
  • Once you have the reviews from your clients, publish these reviews only to websites that are relevant (Google+, Yelp, Facebook, Merchant Circle, just to name a few).
  • Create blogs that will highlight your expertise as a dentist and thus “water-down” the bad reviews that were previously published against you and your business.

6. Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC). Google and Facebook are great platforms to invest on PPC advertising. In this type of marketing, search engines would allow your business to post ads that will appear alongside organic search engine results. If a potential client clicks on your ad, which normally directs to your website, you will be charged a particular amount.

Drive Traffic Media’s online marketing for dentists include search engine and social media advertising to maximize your dental practice visibility.

We know that you need to focus your energy on giving the best possible oral health and dental experience for your patients and issues like what to do to increase your online traffic or boost your ranking can be very exhausting and tedious if you do it on your own. That is why we are here. Drive Traffic Media will help you out in all matters of online business because that’s where we are best at.

Drive Traffic Media is your SEO expert in Newport Beach and the surrounding cities of Orange County that can help your business grow and achieve the visibility it needs to invite more customers. Call us at 9498006990 and give an EDGE to your dental practice.