Shorter Attention Spans: Has Your SEO Company Mastered the 8-Second Marketing Method?

Shorter Attention Spans: Has Your SEO Company Mastered the 8-Second Marketing Method?

If your Irvine-based company made significant strides in 2018, then that’s worthy of celebration. In a crowded marketplace, anything SEO-related that you can do to stay ahead of the competition is worth it, as long as it’s white hat and approved by the search engines. Getting to the top of the SERPs and coming up with successful methods of advertising are constant challenges, and that’s going to be true in the new year as well.

But what if you’re specifically trying to market to younger people this year? Generation Z is coming on rapidly, and their trendsetting power is currently supplanting that of Millennials. If you’ve hired an SEO company to handle your marketing, Irvine, do they know how best to grab the attention of these often fickle young people? Let’s talk about what kind of content is most likely to appeal to them.

You’ve Got Eight Seconds

Perhaps the most significant difference between marketing to Generation Z versus Millennials or Gen X is that their attention spans are so drastically reduced. Some have theorized that you’ve got eight seconds to get the point of your product or service across, because after that you’ve lost your audience.

It’s admittedly challenging to think of making advertising content for your Irvine business in 8-second increments, but it is possible for you or your SEO company if you set your minds to it and use the right mediums.

Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat Stories have all become massively popular. They are very much of-the-moment, and you can use them to create photo or video ads that last only eight seconds but make clear what it is that you’re trying to sell.

Do Not Use Each Platform in the Same Way

You’ll be dealing with time constraints this year presented by the flickering attention spans of Gen Z members, but you also have to remember that these micro-ads that you create for various social media platforms cannot be identical. You’ll need to come up with different ones for each platform because Gen Z uses various social media channels for different purposes.

For instance, young people use Instagram to showcase what could be called versions of their aspirational selves. Therefore, you’ll want to feature content that appeals to those aspirations. In the case of Facebook, for people of this generation who are using it, you’ll wish to add content that is more informative.

Marketing to those who want quick sound bites is a challenge, yet that is what you must do if you want market penetration that’s going to reach a younger, more influential market. If you make products that are geared toward younger people, this is your task.

Go on social media platforms and look at what other companies are doing to get some notion of how some of these techniques work. Then brainstorm and come up with your own ideas, because these young people are sharp, and they’re not going to respond well to anything derivative.

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