Signs It’s About Time to Redesign Your Website

Signs It's About Time to Redesign Your Website

Signs It’s About Time to Redesign Your Website

Functional websites require constant updates due to the fact that we’d need to adapt to the frequent changes on the Internet. Slack off a bit and you’ll see your website dive steeply to the bottom of the search results pages.

At first glance, everything may seem okay. But if you’ll look very closely, there could be telltale signs you’ll already need to revamp your site.

Here are some things you should watch out:


High bounce rate

When examining the web analytics, don’t forget to check the bounce rate. This is the rate at which your online visitors are leaving your site. If bounce rate is high, this may be because your site loads extremely slow, experiences technical errors, and offers poor user experience.

Therefore, your website should be coherent and easy to navigate for the average user.

Poor mobile responsiveness

With the advent of mobile devices, more users are hooked into their tablets or smartphones than on their computers. In fact, over 50% of web searches were found to be carried out on mobile devices.

Think with Google is an excellent tool you can use to evaluate your site’s responsiveness on mobile devices. From there, you’ll get an idea on how many visitors you’ll potentially lose due to loading time, poor user experience, and technical errors.

Outdated web design

When was the last time you updated your site? If that was a year ago, then, by all means, update it. If you remember the 1990s websites, they often have those blinking buttons, heavy graphics, and neon colors. Obviously, they no longer look appealing in our current time.

What’s popular now is the modular design which uses a flexible template that can be adapted to various types of content.


Do you think your site is up for a huge change?

After spending all your energy building a site, you’ll probably think there’s nothing else that needs to be done. The truth is you’ll have to be constantly checking for what’s new and what’s outdated. Never ignore your website’s analytics and act fast when needed.

We understand redesigning a website to stay on top may be a daunting task. That’s why an expert SEO company like Drive Traffic Media exists. Call us today at (949) 800-6990 and let’s talk SEO.


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