The goals of social media marketing do not end in gaining likes, fans, and retweets but a genuine opportunity to further develop your brand and give your Orange County business a voice.

Here are some of the many reasons why it  is beneficial to your business:


Increased Exposure/Brand Awareness

A brand is recognized by potential customers, and most often associated with a particular product. With  the  help of Social Media, this will create  better brand awareness so that people may be able to perceive and get to know your product and business.


Learn About Your Audience/Target Consumer

Social  media  helps you in profiling target consumer, the industries they work, their likes, what they read, what motivates them, age ranges, personality traits, places they hang out, technical knowledge. Its goal  is for  you to have a clear understanding of who you are targeting, which social media platforms your target audience prefers, and on what types of content they consume, share, and post.


Customer Service

Speed matters in social media. It helps you to make an effort to respond and to listen as quickly as you can to your customers, thus, this has  become an  effective strategy for building stronger relationships and  creating more loyal customers.



Social  Media lets  you connect with your customers real time, through monitoring and listening. Feedback allows you to adapt and adjust your product or service to your customers’ needs, a great way to measure customer satisfaction.


New Opportunities

Social Media increases company’s brand promotion. It is said to be the inexpensive mode of advertising yet reaches a larger scale of an audience.It gives you the opportunity to listen, by taking part in the conversations happening on the web and be able to respond in a positive manner.


Competitive Analysis

By looking at how your target consumer engages with your competitors you’ll gain insights on how to effectively interact with them through social media. Weighing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors would  be  a  great opportunity to build  awareness  and customers’ loyalty.



It  is  an effective sales  tool to enhance  profit: Potentially uses to find you to the right channel; to the right  audience; to  create brand awareness in building quality customer service.



Social media is about connecting people digitally through conversation, with the average Facebook user spending 6.35 hours a month on the social platform and 260 million active users on Twitter. This  is where  you  need  to  go because this where  the  people  are.


Brand Equity

Refers to the value of a brand based on the idea that the owner of a well-known brand name can generate more money with a less well-known name.Social media, therefore, helps boost your brand even though it is virtually unknown or non-existent online before.



Apart from giving you the absolute freedom to write freely and communicate online; social media is predominantly the new channel for your brand’s voice and content. Word of mouth is still considered most effective in terms of increasing sales and brand awareness while social networking sites  reach out large audience and  the best place for the promotion or market of your Orange County business.

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