The rise of social media marketing among competitors and active millennials inundated marketers. Many brands have triple fold their profits using influential power. Statistics show that there are 3.2 billion social media users, which makes 42% of the world population. More than 90% use social media to inquire about products and make their purchase decisions. To make the purchase, either they seek online recommendations or follow customer reviews.

Brands are introducing innovative approaches to extract maximum outcome from the major social media platforms. Contact Orange County social media agency like Drive Traffic Media to manage and build your social media platforms. Small and large businesses use captivating and sound tactics to engage consumers. Staying up to date, humanizing brands, offering deals, and being interactive is the need of the day. Recently massive gems and innovations of social media techniques have been introduced. Marketers need to stay consistent and reach target audience consistently to adapt to the competition for the attention, which is growing every single minute. As a business owner, you need to practice techniques that ensures endless benefits. An Orange County social media agency can guide you through the best social media practices. 

Follow these social media techniques to stay ahead of the competition this year. 

User-generated content is the next wave of web

No wonder, user-generated content is going to be the next wave of web. Whether it is through celebrity endorsers, customer advocates, or the microbloggers, we all have seen a massive inflow of the user-generated content on social media. 

Earlier you may have been focusing a lot on promotional campaigns, but today you need to be more authoritative. You have to be honest and show your consumers how your business works. User-Generated content creates awareness about any brand or business from a customer point of view. It is the content which is often created by a loyal customer, follower or a fan – usually an unpaid contributor.

User-Generated content doubles the overall credibility, improves click-through rates, and expands the total business reach. Instagram is a hub to the user-generated content, where more than 60 million images are posted daily. Statistics show that around 64% of the people make a purchase based on user-generated content. 

Leverage the power of micro influencers 

Micro influencers or the microbloggers are the people who can help you scale your business through social media promotion. You can generate a lot of leads by collaborating with reliable micro-influencers. Do not try to expand the clientele by paying a huge amount of money to the highly influential personal brands. Remember, the number of followers does not always translate into the worth of influencer. 

Instead of mere leads, look for prospective customers. Customers follow micro influencers to get honest reviews of a specific product or service. Reports show that influencer with fewer followers often generates higher engagement rates. 

Back in 2017, when Lady Gaga posted about her stay in Airbnb Houston property, it produced an enormous exposure for the company. She received almost half a million likes and 4000 comments. 

Add humor to your content  

Pulling humor off in your promotional campaigns can do the magic, and you can skyrocket the online reach. Surely, it is the spice of life.  Being funny is one of the powerful tips to increase engagement rates. 

Mainly you can sprinkle a bit of humor to highlight the significant feature and highlight the essence of your product if it is way too technical or mundane. Humor can be an equalizer as well as a trick to bring customers closer. Humorous promotions engage more than 36% of the consumers on social media to make a purchase.

Many fast food restaurants use humor-induced marketing to engage the audience. Having a clear insight into the demographics, businesses create fresh, light, and exciting content to create an exceptional outcome. You can use humor as a significant player to capture attention for years. 

Brands have generated 75% of the orders through humor campaigns, and this turns out to be a real game changer. If you want something bigger, then you have to act differently. 

Great customer service can do wonders 

At its core, great customer service can do the magic. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are reaping the benefits of social media by improvising customer service. All the premier brands leverage growth and provide a more profitable source to bring the customer closer. Businesses can accelerate revenue generation, increase customer reach, and boost online visibility just by improving the customer service and being transparent in what they deliver to the customers. 

Listen to your customers and respond to them timely. Customers are more likely to buy from the brands which respond quicker and resolves issues in no time. Maintaining an efficient online presence on social media can bring in potential leads. Make sure your business profile is active and keeps your customers up-to-date about the new arrivals, deals, or discounts. Interact with them on a regular base and respond to every query you get. Harness the power of social media platforms to scale your business to the next level. 

Introduction to the innovative technologies and the rise of social media has empowered customer more than ever before. Social media is bringing in advancements that often revolves around customer experience. You need to step ahead if you want to survive the wave of competition. Orange County social media agency can help you find your hook and scale your business.