Social media is a critical part of any marketing push, Orange County, regardless of the size of your company or the products and services you sell. If your SEO company does not know about these tools that can help with organizing and creating posts, you should inform them. These are two of the most popular ones, and they are relatively easy to use.


Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a catchall, a kind of all-in-one social media organizational tool to help your SEO company launch your campaign and monitor it as it progresses. It’s perfect because it lets the top team members get access to all the features, and you can also program it so that people who are assigned to specific parts of the project can have access to those. For instance, a person tasked with writing Twitter posts might have access to one section, while someone who has been assigned to Facebook can be delegated to that one.


There is a detailed analytics feature so that your SEO company can see how much engagement your posts are getting. You also have full scheduling capabilities. The best part, though, might be the “social listening” feature, Orange County. You can see what people have to say about your products, brand, and about your niche in real time, and you can reply to what they’re saying so that they know you care. It’s a proven way to land more customers.



Next up is Buffer, with which most SEO specialists have at least a passing familiarity. This is a versatile tool, which makes it a go-to for planning posts across many different platforms. You can set a pattern for every day, every week, or whatever else suits you. You can also set the posts to go out according to the time of day when you feel it’s most likely your audience will be around to see and respond to them.


You can then use the analytics feature to see which of your posts were most effective and got the most responses. This way you can optimize your future efforts by avoiding some topics and concentrating on others. If your SEO company is less experienced, this is the way for them to learn, Orange County businesses. However, you would be better off locating a company that already knows quite a bit about how to run a successful campaign.


With this pair of tools at your disposal, you can get into the arena of social media with confidence. Your SEO company will help you, and together you can plan for dominance of your local niche.