Orange County business owners often decide that they want to tackle website design in addition to the other hats they wear. It’s not a bad idea, as doing so will enable you to save some money, provided you can master some of the basic skills that every designer needs.


However, website design can also be frustrating if you are starting entirely from scratch. This is how to can stay on track as you embark on this exciting journey.


Programming Languages


The first thing that you’re going to have to do is figure out which programming languages you’ll want to learn. It’s a given that you’ll need HTML. HTML is what makes up the structure and layout of your website, and without it, you’re not going to get very far.


Java is another one of the most popular programming languages, so you should know some of the basics there as well. The same is true of CSS. You should also at least consider looking into Python and PHP.


Many different online courses will allow you to get started learning these languages, Orange County. Several of them are free, and most of them are also fairly intuitive.




To understand a little better why you need to know about HTML and CSS, you need to realize that probably ninety-nine out of a hundred websites are built with HTML.


If you go to any of your favorite sites and press CTRL + U, you’ll get a bunch of prompts. These are called HTML tags. The further you go in your lessons, the more you will be able to understand about these.


As for CSS, it gives style to the structure that is provided by HTML, so it could be said that the two work in tandem. If HTML is what is used to build a website, CSS is what is used to give it an aesthetic appearance that is palatable to a person who comes across that site.


Literary Aids


Once you understand that you need to know all you can about these languages before you’re ready to dive into website design, you’ll be prepared to seek out the tools that can teach you about them.


As we mentioned, there are online courses that will show you the practical application of these languages, but it can also be helpful to read some of the books that have been written about them.


One of the better books for this purpose is called Head First HTML & CSS. It presents the lessons in a way that are easy to grasp, even for a layperson.


Do not be frustrated if you don’t immediately understand everything that there is to know about website design, Orange County. The process will take some time, and even so-called experts never stop learning. You have to start somewhere, and the lessons that you learn will serve you well as you move forward with the plans for your company.