Social media is a very powerful tool in search engine optimization. It helps improve your search rankings by distributing your content to a wider reach, bringing more traffic and exposure to your website, improving your brand’s reputation, and increasing your content’s lifespan. You should definitely use social media to get your name out there.

But what exactly are the best social media sites to use? Using our expertise as an Orange County marketing company, we’ve compiled the top five social media sites you should consider for your brand.

Infographic- The Five Best Social Media Platforms for SEO


LinkedIn houses the largest professional network of any other website in the world. This social media platform lets job seekers post their resumes and find opportunities for work and employers hire employees for specific positions. Because of its professional nature, LinkedIn has a trustworthy and credible reputation that can generate social media leads. According to their marketing blog, 80% of B2B social media leads in fact come from LinkedIn!

Ramping up SEO in your company’s LinkedIn page makes you more visible not only to LinkedIn users but to web searchers as well. Adding a few simple keywords relating to your brand and designing your tagline and about section around them is an easy way to gain more traffic.

As a marketing agency in Orange County, for example, our LinkedIn description could be Drive Traffic Media as an expert in SEO, Google AdWords, and website design in the area.


Medium is a publishing platform that lets users write personal stories, statements, articles, and other forms of original content.

Now, Medium may seem like an odd choice for SEO, but it actually ranks quite highly on search engines. According to the graph below, 58% of Medium’s traffic comes from organic search while 26% of it comes from direct traffic. This means that 58% of their users visit the site through a web search while 26% of them are regular users. traffic sources graph from SEMrush

Source: SemRush

Thus, if you’re looking for a wider audience and are not sure where to look, you should definitely consider sharing some of your social media content through Medium.


Undoubtedly the largest social media website in the world, Facebook is a haven for content creators. According to Statista, there are over 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook today. You can easily share links to your website and have your followers share them with other users to keep the traction going.

A huge advantage to using Facebook is that they allow Google and other search engines to crawl through and index certain pages. Even comments on the site have started showing up on search engine results—users can easily look up Facebook pages on search engines and read Facebook reviews. Sharing your content on Facebook is not only a way to reach a wider audience, but is also a way to increase your search rankings.


Twitter is a lot like Facebook. With approximately 290.5 million users worldwide, your website can get a lot of hype if your readers like, retweet, and comment on your posts.

Twitter is well-known for its 140-character limit. Make sure that your links and descriptions are as straight to the point as possible to grab the readers’ attention. At the same time, however, you’ll need to make sure you’re only posting high-quality work and not overly frequently too—any more than that can seem very spammy and may turn people off from your content.

Another thing Twitter is known for is hashtags. These are keywords people use to find posts easily. Add relevant hashtags to your posts to make your content more searchable. The more visible you are on Twitter, the higher your SEO will be.


Pinterest is both a social media website and a search engine. Here, users can search for anything they fancy—they can look for products they’re interested in purchasing; keep up with their favorite brands to get special deals and lookout for new arrivals; connect with other people and brands that share similar interests, and overall, just be inspired.

Start by creating a Pinterest business account. Having a domain with your own products and services is essential because Pinterest prioritizes those who create original content for themselves. Once established, you can start scheduling your posts.

Pinterest users are reportedly more likely to go for smaller brands and businesses. As long as you post well-thought-out posts fairly frequently, the Pinterest algorithm will pick you up and you’ll be ranking up steadily in no time.