The Role of AI in Digital Marketing


The Role of AI in Digital Marketing

What many people don’t consider about social media and social marketing in Orange County is the increasing role of AI. Artificial Intelligence has come a long way. Now they are within the internet systems where we can see as plain as day how they affect many aspects of social marketing, such as SEO. To better understand how much they affect this medium, let’s take a deep dive into the role of AI online. 


Natural Language Processing

NLP or Natural Language Processing is one of the most basic means AI can affect those that are connected to social media. NLP is what allows AI to have a better understanding of the human language, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Considering how popular this concept has become with organizations such as Microsoft and Google, it should come as no surprise that it has, in turn, become popular with search engines. By analyzing keywords and other text online, these bots can greatly assist in sorting out useful information that certain people might find interesting while also disposing of spam or other information not considered worth the time of web surfers. It’s for this reason that your digital marketing strategy should include relevant and useful content for readers. That way, the bots will sort, approve, and move it up to a better place in the SERPs.


One item in which AI is greatly used, which people may have not initially realized, is on online imagery. There are untold images online that were personally created or uploaded by people. Manually sorting through all of these pictures sounds like a nightmare if done manually, especially if you’re attempting to do this for search engines. With the assistance of AI, however, the process becomes manageable. The entire social media platforms use AI to gather data on these pictures, so it’s imperative that your digital marketing strategy should include placing image texts and descriptions on all images you upload or post. That way, the social media monitoring tools can capture them and display whatever product or service photos you’ve uploaded on your social media platforms to the people who need them.


Besides sorting text or images, some companies and/or organizations will go fully into the idea of allowing AI to help manage search engines, programs, and even websites. AI makes life easier for those managing content in different forms since it allows them to sort through the content from the relevant platforms. With this, it will be easier for them to cater specifically to what their customers want or find interesting. You can also apply it to your social media or digital marketing strategy as AI can help you choose relevant content that you can then post or write about for your clients.


Managing data is a pain. Whether you’re taking surveys, analyzing what people are clicking onto with interest, or observing which keywords are currently gaining traction, it all adds up to a ludicrous amount of data that you need to sort through to make sense of it all. Thankfully with the inception of AI, it becomes a lot easier to sort through them all. Understanding customers’ needs become a much easier prospect than what we were originally led to believe. The AI essentially gathers all the relevant information for companies that can use it to accommodate their customers better. 


Another useful route that AI is often used for is the targeted advertising. Having to physically look up what each person’s preference is and making an advertisement for that can be a major pain for a human. AI can sort through heaps of data on a daily basis easily. They can send advertisements that are targeted as well as precise, thanks to the data that they have already collected, streamlining the whole process for digital marketers.

Engaging Customers

There will also come a time where you need to engage with customers on your site through conversations on your website. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself lacking in the ability to communicate with those customers since you might not have the time nor resources to do so. AI can engage with customers and assist them through the coined responses that it can generate. Even if they can’t solve all the problems, they can at the very least buy the organization time until a human response becomes more readily available, assisting the process greatly.

Slack Bots

Companies make a great deal of content every day in order to get their customers engaged in and interested in their products and or services. However, it can often be a guessing game to understand which bit of content will interest customers the most. Slack Bots can assist in this trying task as it sorts the best among the content and chooses what customers will most likely be interested in.


If you’re trying to excel in digital marketing in Orange County, employ AI to make your job easier to accomplish. It will help you better accommodate your customers’ needs, and when you do, search engines and social media platforms will also rank you higher since both are customer-centric. 

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