If you are optimizing your site, it can be a dizzying process if you’re not an expert. There’s so much of which you need to be keeping track, and it’s tough to keep it all organized. There are several programs out there to assist you in analyzing what’s happening with your site so that can you know where improvement is needed. Let’s look at some of those now.


Web Developer Toolbar


The Web Developer Toolbar is a solid fundamental Orange County SEO tool. It’s for Google Chrome, an official part of the Firefox Web Developer extension. It’s beneficial because it identifies issues with code, specifically having to do with JavaScript implementation. This is so critical because if JavaScript isn’t working anywhere on your site, it’s going to mean a frustrating experience for your visitors. You can locate and fix CSS issues, locate broken images, and view meta tag information.




Orange County companies should familiarize themselves with this tool as well. It’s all about breaking down page speeds, and if you weren’t aware, that’s viewed as important by Google these days. A slow page means death in the SERPs, so this is an SEO tool you can’t do without. You can figure out how long it takes for a site to load fully. You can do a competitor speed test to see out how well you are stacking up against the competition. You can also look at start render time, or time to first byte. You can’t afford for your site’s pages to load too slowly, so waste no time in mastering the ins and outs of this tool.


Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool


Is your site mobile-friendly? It had better be, since that’s another SEO factor that Google ranks highly at this point. Mobile implementation of your website matters a lot if you have a physical location, but even if you don’t, you need to make sure that your site loads quickly and smoothly for people who are trying to find you via phone or tablet. This SEO tool will identify any potential problems with your mobile version which you can then work to correct, Orange County.


Once you have mastered all of these tools, you can feel much more confident that visitors are interacting with your site in the ways that you want them to. The most sales should be your goal, and constant website analysis must be a part of that.