Tip your Orange County Business Scale with SEO Expert Strategies


During the first few months from your initial SEO campaign, you might experience what we call an “SEO plateau.” What does this mean? It means that you’re not getting any massive results yet as website mistakes are being fixed, contents are being optimized and other SEO tweaks are being done. Don’t worry! Time will make up and once all website issues are fixed, you’ll see increase in your search engine ranking especially if your content are distributed and have attracted impressions, shares and links.

As a business owner who already spent your investment, this “SEO plateau” can be annoying to a point that you get discouraged from pursuing the campaign further. As an SEO expert in  Orange County, I recommend the following to get past and overcome the plateau to your advantage:


1. If the primary market has been conquered, add a new one! I especially encounter this on start-up businesses here in Orange County. That’s fine. It’s quite difficult to increase your market if your business brand is just emerging and you jump your marketing efforts to the next city or state. My advice? Get a solid market foundation on your own city and once that is established, move in for the kill and conquer your next target market city or state.

This is where landing pages play a vital role. You can create a different landing page for your second target       market and add new content that would be more specific for it. This does not only benefit your site by getting bigger but it also provides value in increasing the keyword density of your site thus your company can dominate more business opportunities.


2. Increase your content publication. Publish relevant and quality content on your site and double your efforts to get better likelihood of shares and engagement to your readers. As mentioned in my previous blog, you increase the likelihood of other businesses within your niche to use your link as a useful resource with quality blogging. Google values websites that have relevant backlinks because that means you are an expert in that field.


3. Publish on Higher Sources or Circles. Share or publish your content offsite and on social media sharing sites too! This increases your value as an industry authority and establishes your website as a valuable resource.


4. If you’re ranking in your initial campaign keywords, target less competitive ones. The purpose is simple: it will increase your website keywords and it will open new opportunities on a new market or territory.


5. Add a resource center to your website. If the content on your site is focused on your target niche or industry, the resource center can be added to cover other topics or content. A forum page can be added and once nurtured, your forum participants will serve as your ‘voice’ or ‘ambassadors’ of your business.


Any of the strategies mentioned can take your SEO campaign out of its ‘plateau’ period and if implemented diligently, these strategies can get your Orange County business better chances in growth, reach and market. A helpful and realistic advice from me, though. “SEO plateau” can happen more than once and if it happens? Prepare new strategies and be willing to adapt to changes to overcome it. Any type of SEO campaign can have its ups and downs, the important thing is you find ways to keep your trend moving upwards.

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Source: 5 Ways To Power Through An SEO Campaign Plateau by Jayson deMers of Forbes