When to Use Facebook Ads or Google Ads

when to use Facebook ads or google ads

When to Use Facebook Ads or Google Ads

Forget the Facebook ads. Sure Facebook can target groups, maybe even “people who might be moving” but it’s hard to find clients this way. No one scrolls through Facebook to find movers when they’re stressed packing or planning to move. Instead, they do what anyone would do. They go to Google and type in “movers in Los Angeles” (or whatever city they live in) and give them a call.

Facebook ads are meant to build a brand’s presence. Google pay per click advertising, on the other hand, is more precise. If you’re looking for more leads, calls, and sales, use Google Ads, especially if you’re on a budget and need the most value for your money.


Grow your marketing efforts along with your business

Spend your entire marketing budgets on Google Ads. As you increase sales, you can increase your marketing efforts until you show up on 100% of the searches in your area.

Thanks to Google AdWords, you can place ads in front of the people who need to see them most, people in your targeted locations, who need your services at the moment they need them. What’s even better is you only pay Google when someone clicks, calls or visits your website.


How can you use Facebook?

While you might not need ads, Facebook is still valuable for marketing.

Create a great Facebook page and post regularly. The purpose is to build brand loyalty and build a relationship of trust with prospective clients.

Having a welcoming Facebook page is vital. Before a person chooses to use your services, they will likely Google your business and do their research. First impressions are everything. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to call and hire you.


Score new clients: Three key ways to generate trust using your Facebook page

  • Post real pictures of your team and your business
  • Share customer reviews
  • Update your page with relevant content  


There’s a reason we hate generic stock photos. Authenticity is key. People crave real pictures of real people in real places. You know your team is awesome. Show them off. Be proud of what you do. Every photo you share must generate trust.

Next, let people leave reviews. Good reviews help potential clients see how you work and why you’re a great fit for the job.

Finally, make sure to post!  No one wants to visit your page and see that your last post was five years ago. Do that, and you’ll appear as if you’ve gone out of business or don’t have your act together.

Posting meaningful and relevant content is easy. Do this at least once every few months. Share anything from moving tips and tricks, link to cool articles or news.


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