When the Google algorithm changed so that it was better able to understand search intent, it was in the hopes that the answers that it gave when asked a question would be more in line with what was wanted. User satisfaction is still Google’s ultimate goal, and that means, for the would-be Orange County SEO expert, you should be optimizing your site for search intent as well. How is that accomplished? You must first understand why people are searching for specific topics.


Kinds of Searches


When people search for something, they are likely to fall into these categories. They might have commercial intent, meaning that they plan on buying something soon and they’re researching before they purchase that item.


Related to this is transactional intent, meaning that they plan on buying something during that same browsing session. This usually follows commercial intent.


Navigational intent is where people want to access a specific website. To find it, they enter a term in a search engine that is most likely to lead them there.


Last is informational intent, where someone is trying to find out about a specific topic.


As an Orange County SEO expert, and one who is trying to direct traffic to your website for sales, you must figure out which of these intentions applies to you and your company. You must try, as literally as possible, to give the people what they want. By doing so, you’re likely to get the page views and sales numbers for which you’re looking.


Landing Page Construction


Once you have identified which of these kinds of searches applies to your website, you can work on setting up a landing page that will perfectly capture customer interest. All of the content on your site matters, and it all must be optimized, but your landing page is of the utmost importance. Keyword usage is not as vital as it once was. Google can use search intent to direct someone to your page even if the keywords they use don’t necessarily match up exactly with yours.  


If you’re legitimately an SEO expert, Orange County, then you should have no problems setting up your landing page for user intent. However, if you don’t feel that you know everything about optimization yet, you’re probably going to need to bring in an SEO agency. Don’t overestimate your abilities. You don’t want pride to get in the way of potential sales.