There are all sorts of useful things that an SEO company can do for you, Orange County. If you’re ready to supercharge an optimization campaign, contact one without delay. If you’ve got a team in-house that is handling your SEO needs, that’s fine, as long as they’re superb at what they’re doing, whether it’s website design, social media management, or copywriting. If they’re not so great in any of those areas, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Let’s look at blogging, for instance.


Content Mining


If you have someone writing copy for you that isn’t an expert at it, they might complain to you that they can’t think of any new blog topics that will be stimulating to your site visitors. Your blogs are so vital for SEO purposes, Orange County, and this isn’t part of your site that you can gloss over. How to come up with content? Here’s an idea: ask your customers.


You can put a brief survey on your website, and to entice visitors to take it, you can tell them that they’ll be entered to win a prize when they do so. This serves two purposes. First, it lets you collect information on your customers like their names and email addresses, which you can then compile for a mailing list. Second, the answers to the questions will give you fodder for blogs, the subjects of which you know for a fact are of interest to your customer base.


What Are The Best Questions To Ask?


Questions about your products and services are a great place to start. You can ask “What excites you the most about product X?” If you’re selling lawn furniture, the answers might be something like “I’m excited by the prospect of sitting on the porch on mild summer evenings, and playing fetch with the dog.” You can write a blog about that, talking about the appeal of owning lawn furniture. By being descriptive with the language, you can craft a vivid picture of what it will be like to own these products and how the life of the customer will be enriched.


You might ask something like “How often do you need to use product X, and for what purposes?” The customer might write “I need to use these pruning shears several times a week for trimming the hedges and the branches that are growing out over my lawn.” You can then borrow directly from that and craft a blog about how useful the product in question is, and how the customer can’t live without it. It’s persuasive writing, and ideally it should strike a balance between informative, humorous, and enticing.


Try to come up with some other questions of this nature. Blogs are so needed on websites for SEO because they’re a way to introduce new content regularly, and we all know how much Google loves fresh content. Be creative with your writing, Orange County, or you can always hire an SEO company who can do it for you.