The SEO industry is going stronger than ever before, as more and more Orange County businesses are coming to understand that they need expert advice if they are to dominate their niche. If you want to optimize your website yourself, you may be unsure about where to focus your energy and time. Here’s what an Orange County SEO expert would be likely to tell you.


These Metrics Define Quality Content


You need to generate “great” or “quality” content for your site, but what kind of material is most valuable to your visitors? What is most likely to get you organic traffic that is so valuable to your SERP ranking? Along with the copy, there should be interactive elements, pictures, and video. The content should be stimulating, with no typos or grammatical errors. It should strongly emphasize the unique voice of your brand so that it is immediately recognizable.


It should provide value to the visitors, and it should encourage sharing, linking, and liking. You’re looking for longer linger times, and engagement beyond the first impression. The ultimate goal should of course be conversions, Orange County.


Be Strong In All Three SEO Phases


An SEO expert would also tell you that you need to step up your game in all three phases of SEO. Those would be off-page, on-page, and technical. As it relates to off-page SEO, you’re looking for the presence of high-quality backlinks that lead to your site. Local citations are great, as are social media engagement and unlinked brand mentions.


On-page SEO is going to be mainly image alt attributes, body copy, meta description tags, heading tags, title tag, URL, etc. Everything throughout your website and pages that can be optimized is on-page SEO.


Technical SEO is optimization techniques that might not necessarily impact rankings directly. You need to focus on these because they allow your content to be indexed and found. That means site speed, mobile friendliness, XML sitemaps, 301 redirects, and more.


If you can master all of this for your site, then your brand will be a visible and formidable presence in your market, Orange County. Become an SEO expert yourself by writing fantastic content, learning how to utilize useful analytical tools, and reworking your website so that both crawlers and visitors have the best experience there.