If you are one of the many Orange County business owners that have embraced social media as a way of advertisement and promotion, then you know that more engagement will eventually equal more sales. More participation means more followers, and those followers are more likely to check out your website. At that point, they are within your sales funnel, and with the right nudge, they will go from being fans to customers. It all starts with social media interaction, though. So what if your content isn’t getting that engagement that has been proven to be so valuable?


Post Interactive Content


If you hire one of the excellent social media agencies in Orange County, you can talk to them about what sort of content is best for your posts. It is likely they will mention things like polls or quizzes that are intentionally structured so that people want to interact with them. What kind of surveys and questionnaires you should feature depends entirely on what your company is all about, and what sort of fans are likely to be following you.


If you’re a beverage distributor, you might ask how many tea drinkers are out there versus how many coffee drinkers. If you’re a sporting goods store, your quizzes might ask who is deserving of winning the National and American League MVPs in baseball. Fun little quizzes and polls are addictive, and they’ll start to get you that interaction that’s so valuable.


Post Visual Content


It’s not exactly a secret at this juncture that people like visual content, Orange County. Social media works best when it draws the eye, and that’s precisely what you can do with graphics and videos. Moving visuals and sound are the easiest ways to attract attention, and if it’s something that is likely to go viral or inspire some conversation or mild controversy, so much the better. Professional-quality photos that have to do with your company and brand are also winners, as are infographics. You want to post the sort of thing that gets people talking. Also, a powerful infographic demonstrates that you’re an expert in your field, and you’re bound to get more likes and shares.


Hiring an experienced social media agency that has a proven track record of engagement success will help you rest easier at night, Orange County businesses. It will allow you to focus on other aspects of the job, the seemingly endless other chores that occupy your time. Any way that you can farm out a part of the business to qualified professionals, you should try to do so. It’s a must these days with social media such a critical aspect of attaining publicity.