Many social media companies in Orange County understand that digital marketing is most successful for those who pay attention to social media metrics. Unless you can adjust your marketing strategies according to measurable trends, your business will likely fall flat in its goals toward growth and visibility. 

In a world where social media platforms have become a new place for human connection, information, and inspiration, it is important for businesses of all sizes to expand their consumer base by joining these online networks. 

Orange County social media companies share their advice on tracking data for social media campaigns in order to optimize ROI and maintain a solid brand reputation. Businesses should, however, keep in mind that while most social media metrics provide some insight, they are not all necessarily relevant to a specific company or brand. So, businesses should not feel like they have to track and absorb every detail of their social media campaign.

In order to decide what metrics will serve your company’s brand, you need to reflect on the goals that motivate your social media strategy. Are you trying to funnel traffic to your company’s website? Create hype around your brand? Gain followers and influencer partnerships? Locate potential leads for sales? Perhaps you have other reasons for joining certain social media platforms. Whatever the reasons, you should make sure to clarify them before you move on to your strategy of tracking and analyzing data metrics.

Tracking Followers 

Perhaps the first social media metric that companies notice is their follower count for each profile. This number will fluctuate for any given brand, depending on the amount of content posted and the amount of interest garnered from this content. It may not always be relevant for every business. After all, many digital marketers will tell you that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have as much as it matters how engaged they are with your content. 

However, social media companies in Orange County will admit that follower count is an important metric for those businesses that want a large-scale operation. Companies that are trying to expand their network through various platforms and partnerships will want to know if they are attracting more followers or not. 

Tracking followers also allows businesses to prioritize their high-performing accounts. For example, if your Instagram is garnering thousands of followers while your Twitter only has 100, then you know which platform you should focus your time and efforts on. Some social media campaigns may be more suited to one platform or another, so you can also pick and choose the strategy that works for your concentration of viewers.  

Tracking Mentions

For many businesses, mentions are a good social media metric to utilize in order to gain a sense of a brand’s prevalence in the market. You can pay attention to user engagement, determine the best times to schedule posts, and understand what followers are saying about your service or product. Another benefit of this metric is that you can also look at your competitors through their mentions. When you start to compare, you will be able to gain valuable insight into consumer interests. Then, you can start to adjust your social media campaigns to meet them.

Tracking Brand Reputation 

Social media metrics are a great way to understand how other people view your brand in terms of quality, reliability, and intrigue. Many businesses pay particular attention to negative comments as a method of offering customer support. When businesses make an effort to solve customer issues, they stand to gain a lot of respect from consumers which, in turn, can lead to more sales.

Businesses should reward customers that are vocal on social platforms about their positive experiences in order to encourage this reputation and gain the visibility they desire. The best way to establish a long-lasting reputation is through word of mouth. Happy customers will generate more happy customers by simply sharing how your business has helped them. This can produce a very healthy cycle of helping people and being helped by their vocal support. 

Tracking Influencers 

When your product or service caters to a particular market, you want to make sure that you are listening to the loudest voices within that niche. Influencers are social media users that have a large following and a particular investment or expertise in your industry. One way to optimize your social media outreach is to partner with influencers who can promote your product or service to relevant consumers in the market. 

Social Media and Conversions

Your ultimate goal in practicing social media marketing is to generate conversions for your business. So, you want to ensure that your efforts are producing a valuable effect. Once you start tracking data that is relevant to your brand, you will be able to piece together an understanding of your current strategy’s success rate. Then, you can start making adjustments. 

Focus on the social media platforms that have a higher engagement and a noticeable impact on sales for your company. Once you know where your audience lies, you can create and post the best content on that platform. 

Successful social media marketing is usually a group effort, which is why so many businesses continue to stay active on multiple platforms. Even if a business has a higher follower count and engagement on Facebook than on Instagram, they are still going to share content on the latter social media channel if only to reach a broader spectrum of consumers. The collective effort of joining different networks will have a distinct impact on your brand, and you never know when one channel might take off. 

Orange County social media companies can help you strategize in order to develop the best social media marketing practices for your budget and create campaigns that will generate traffic to your site and conversions. It can be difficult to keep track of all the social media metrics and to effectively analyze and synthesize their meaning for your digital marketing efforts, which is why sometimes it is best to hire a team of experts. Now that you know a little more about social media metrics, you will be able to contribute to the conversation and make informed decisions about your company to stimulate growth and influence.