The hiring of an SEO company can be the first step into a wider world of sales opportunities, Orange County businesses. The staff of this company may well include web designers, social media mavens, and optimization experts. But even if you elect not to hire one and just engage the team in a conversation for a few moments, don’t be surprised if the discussion comes back around to personalized ads as a sales strategy.  


Customer Advertising Preferences Are Changing


At one point not long ago, people seemed to view personalized advertising as weird and scary. Here they were, shopping online or just poking around, and when they left a furniture website, ads for chairs and tables followed them, popping up on the side of the screen. Witchcraft! How did the computer know about their interests?! These days, however, most shoppers understand that personalized advertising features on websites they visit kick in when they leave. Therefore, the ads that appear as they continue their browsing session are for things in which they presumably have an interest. Most people like it. In fact, survey results seem to indicate that more people than not want their ads to be targeted based on their browsing history. They now view it as a convenience.


How This Can Benefit You As A Business


As a business owner looking to increase sales revenue, you should be trying to take advantage of these preferences. You should have features in place so that if a person visits your website and doesn’t buy anything, then one of your ads will appear in a subsequent browsing session. It might make the person reconsider whether they want to buy your service or product if they were on the fence about it before. Alternatively, if they already bought from you in the past, then the occasional ad is all the more likely to lure them back. Brand loyalty is so important. If you want repeat customers, then offer them the best website experience and excellent customer service. Providing them with discounts and notifying them of sales that you’re having also helps.


Personalization in ads is here to stay, and since the majority of people no longer view it as a hindrance or some uncanny event, you would be well served to take advantage of the technique. More engagement and conversions are sure to follow.