SEO can be a cutthroat game, Orange County. You only want to use white hat techniques, because if you don’t, you could get penalized by Google, or your site might even get shut down. At the same time, as long as it is not going to warrant a penalty, why not use any tool that is at your disposal? The very nature of success in a given industry means that if you get ahead, someone else (if not many others) have fallen behind. Such is the purpose of Orange County SEO, and that is why you should have no compunctions about using technology like SpyFu.


What Is SpyFu?


Spyfu is software that you can use to look at your competitors’ websites to determine what keywords they are using. But that’s just the beginning, Orange County. You can also see if they bought those keywords using Adwords. You can see their organic rank for virtually any keyword or keyword phrase, and you can see every ad variation they’ve used going back for more than a decade.


Is this useful? You bet it is. With this information, you can formulate your SEO strategy and Adwords campaign. You can borrow what’s working for your competitors, and you can discard what isn’t. You can track your site’s ranking with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can also generate sales leads by contacting the clients with whom your competitors are doing business. You can offer them better rates or superior products. If they are dissatisfied with their current services, you have a chance to slip in.


SpyFu and what it can do for you and your business isn’t about copying from the competitors. It’s about using their success as a jumping off point. You can see what they did with their campaigns, and then you or your SEO company can craft your own, but better than what others in your niche did.


This is not unscrupulous, but it’s smart. Some companies don’t know about the existence of services like SpyFu, and you can take advantage of that ignorance. This can be a tool for your Orange County-based company, and you can use it alongside more traditional tools like PPC marketing and keyword-optimized content creation. Don’t hesitate to use this strategy. You’re the one who wants the sales and the website interaction, and this can be a way to get you there.