With over a billion unique users per month and continuing to enjoy its rank as the second biggest search engine behind its parent company Google, YouTube ultimately became one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools.

The online video marketing campaign  is an absolute must for small or a medium sized business yet it is a crowded marketplace to gain decent levels of brand recognition. Thus, it is essential to optimize and get technique in YouTube channel structuring through SEO.


How is it done?

Use keywords in each of the video’s title as it will help rank the YouTube channel properly. Publish a content that has  a high production value with a properly lit camera on a good surrounding. Video quality is essential in YouTube channel structuring as it helps put every piece of video content at its most attractive presentation and will showcase the best about your business. Always consider your audience at all times!

Keep it up to date by constantly creating and uploading exciting informative videos too. People will more likely come back and see what’s new.

In the process of structuring YouTube, organize the channel and content according to its topic and relevance rather than the views and comments. The first two lines of the video should describe what the video is about.It is also important to choose a name that people will remember. A name that should be catchy, easy to read, and relates to your personality is always recommended.It should be user-friendly and should be published in English. The main goal  of structuring is to turn the channel into a marketing means to grow your business.

It has been proven several times that YouTube success comes from a great content. Aside from creating excellent videos and hosting it on YouTube, optimizing this videos through SEO keywords is essential if we want to reach a number of relevant people here in Orange County. YouTube is a search engine just like Google so let us make sure our channel is as discoverable as it can be.

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