After rapid changes in social networks and the continuous Google SEO updates in the past, it’s time to focus on what trends 2020 will bring to the mobile website design industry.

Although the latest technological advances are regularly bringing revolutionary changes, the core trends I expect to emerge in 2020 are not so new. However, focusing on the following areas may have a significant impact on your income statement from now on.

Personal and business branding

Today most of the businesses are spending a high portion of the budget on building strong and resilient brands. From social media marketing to designing a perfect mobile website, Orange County businesses are using progressive web applications to increase speed to impress readers.

If you have a B2C business, expect your advertising costs to increase during the next year. Social networks will continue to increase CPM. The number of blogs will be increased and there will more content creation than ever before. 

Other content formats

Interactive content types will begin to appear more frequently in the coming years. With visual generators, online video editing, and professional network image processing functions, pioneering custom designs will make engaging landing pages more accessible and more comfortable.

Combining user experience elements, such as quiz voting or breaking news (such as Instagram stories) by swiping left or right, will become a new form of competition for publisher martech. Mobile-first experience determines the innovation of such components.

In the more extensive digital space, simple surveys, early adoption of online games, and VR activities are frequent topics of discussion.

Although some plugins are available for WordPress publishers, don’t ignore their possible impact on security and performance. Make sure your advertising or subscription solution is not affected during the integration phase.

Flexible Gutenberg layout

If you are a developer then you must be familiar with Gutenberg. The first version that came with Gutenberg was 5.0, which was released in December 2018. Despite significant changes, there is still uncertainty around the world, and Gutenberg is generally stable for tens of millions of websites.

Over the years various flexible layouts are available. For example, WordPress 5.3 allows you to design appealing sections within the content even if you do not have great design skills. Plus, the image and the column block will help your writers have to become creative artists who can generate more engaging content without any difficulty. 

Headless WordPress and AMP

2020 will mark a significant improvement in load times and mobile website designing Orange County. Thanks to the adoption of new web development models such as headless websites, the opportunities for fast-growing sites will increase.

In a headless CMS, the back office is entirely independent of the front-end layer. Modern publishers can still rely on the rich WordPress dashboard, but provide the rest in a lightweight current layer that runs independently. 

Headless content management systems are designed to work with mostly static content, such as your news. They will not have a significant impact on dynamic user-based platforms such as protected membership or training systems.

Although this is still somewhat innovative (and away from plug and play), in some cases, some early publishers have successfully migrated and reduced load times by nearly 90%.

The ongoing battle against malicious advertising

Today customers are frustrated due to malicious ads than ever before. Ad protection tools such as, Ad Lightning, and Confidant will continue to innovate to find and suppress cybercriminals targeting your audience.

Traditional online firewall services (such as Cloudflare and Sucuri) may join security forces on this battlefield. So far, WordPress is well-equipped to grant access to all leading vendors (and some integrations are available as plugins).

Publishers will not make any breakthrough progress in 2020, but this is likely to be the calm before the storm. Technical innovations, ads policy changes, competition, and domain authority via organic rankings will be the main areas your executive team will focus on in the coming months. 

Unless the market is regularly monitored, the use of autonomous driving magazines may undermine its competitive advantage.

On the bright side, publishing will continue to flourish in 2020. Consumer information will still depend heavily on popular media channels online and content streams that are widely available across technologies. 

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