5 Ways How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Whether a start up or a reputable business in Newport Beach or any Orange County cities, you could not ignore social media and the benefits it can give to the business. How is it possible for social media marketing  to help businesses?

It boosts web traffic. According to the HubSpot statistics, 73% of adult online users use social media or have social media accounts. That’s a lot of potential web audience or viewers if maximized or put to great use as these viewers can be converted to potential customers.

Cheap. It is a cost effective means to generate potential leads. As previously mentioned, traffic brought by social media can never be ignored. What’s more? It is one of the cheapest means to post ads about your business. Instead of the traditional means of marketing, social media marketing can save you as much as 80% of your total lead generation costs.

Content. For a business to attract viewers, it has to have relevant information of all the products or services that answer potential customers’ questions. Great content that address consumer issues or queries posted on social media is another good way to make the business grow. In fact, the joint study posted by AOL and Nielsen states that social media users spend more than 50% of their time reading contents or information about a certain product, service or method. This is another way to make them “stay” on your website and learn more of what your business can offer.

Boost Brand. Social media can also increase brand awareness by up to 78%. Admittedly, ads ran on television remains the top means (29%) of making viewers and potential customer aware of your products or services but social media follows at 26%. After brand awareness comes potential buying. And if buyers like your product? They’ll attest on how good it is through reviews and testimonials. On the other hand, if your product or service fall below your consumers expectations, social media reviews would give you a means to know their thoughts. Thus, allowing or giving you an opportunity to improve and do better.

Conversion. Lastly, social media engagement can generate followers and 71% of which turn to product buyers. And do you know that the buying behavior of Americans are 75% influenced by social media? Either through video commercial or content embedded on your social media account, this is a massive way to increase your products’ sales.