Video Production in Newport Beach: Blunders & How to Avoid Them

“Action speaks louder than words.” This is an appropriate saying when it comes to video production. Videos offer a better approach compared to traditional marketing as you get to “connect” with your audience emotionally. Remember what I posted before? Consumers tend to subscribe more to products if what they saw on video evoked a certain emotion or response from them.

Video production for businesses in Newport Beach and the surrounding cities of Orange County is a tedious but oftentimes a very rewarding endeavor and if done correctly, will lead to brand or product awareness which are easily converted to sales. Here, we will give you some tips to make your videos and its production a little less complicated.

Before deciding for the day you’ll shoot your video, clear your schedule ahead regardless of how busy you are with meetings, conferences or business trips. Remember, the key element for a video’s success depends on how effective you are in convincing your audience. How will that happen if you came and breezed your way out in time for your next luncheon meeting? Focus. Video production is a meticulous process and your initial goal of delivering a meaningful and clear message to your audience wont be achieved unless you give it your time. More so, when you’re not stressed with work and various schedules on the day of the shoot, the camera will capture the positivity that will radiate within you.

A lot of time spent in video production is planning. Be clear with what you want to accomplish before the day of the shoot. This will not just save time but also ensure that your videographer can capture scenes that are relevant to the theme of your video.

You might say that the background is not important since the focus is your product. Uh-uh! The environment where the video shoot will take place has a lot to say to your planning and management skills. Inform your employees ahead of time that way they can tidy up the place instead of doing a mad dash to straighten up things on the day of the shoot.

Testimonials are a great and effective addition to your video production. This will boost the consumers’ beliefs that your product or service is tested and proven to be effective. When requesting a testimonial from your loyal consumer, let them know in advance or have your videographer go over a “script” with them first. Just because its a testimonial you can just grab them and have them step in front of a camera. Even your most loyal customer would resent that and might end up giving you a negative feedback instead of a good one.

Time. And lastly, no matter how long the video production is, most of it will go to waste in order to create only a 3-15 minutes video. There’s no need to have all your loyal customers say a lot one by one or squeeze in all your staff just to avoid offending them. Remember that your video’s success lies in your clear and concise message so choose only those whom you think are one with you in delivering that.

There’s definitely a reason why it’s called a “production” and we at Drive Traffic Media  will guide you on its preparation to make your video entice a larger audience.