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06 Oct 2020

Why White Hat SEO is Important for Your Business

There is a reason why some businesses appear earlier than others in Google’s search results, and this is because higher ranked businesses implemented white hat SEO tactics. As an Orange County SEO company, Drive Traffic Media understands all the ins and outs of white hat SEO and how it can help your business get to the top of the search results and ultimately drive more conversions. 

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is the term used to describe a variety of tactics that line up with Google’s search terms. These tactics are implemented in order to rank higher in Google’s search results so that more people can find that website. When using white hat SEO tactics, your website must remain honest and the tactics must be within the terms of service for the search engine. The following examples are some white hat SEO tactics:

  • Providing content and services of high quality
  • The website can be easily navigated through
  • Making sure the site loads quickly and looks clean on mobile devices
  • Using descriptive meta tags with keywords

Why White Hat SEO Tactics Are Important

Using white hat SEO practices are the safe and ethical way to increase your rankings on Google and keep your site from getting banned. Google has billions of visitors on a daily basis, and every time someone new visits your website, it creates an opportunity for someone else to discover your site. Since Google is ranked as the number one search engine, getting banned would severely decrease traffic to your site, which would negatively impact your business. Once Google bans you, it can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to get your site relisted. 

How to Use White Hat SEO Methods

Implementing white hat SEO methods is the most sustainable way to drive traffic to your website and bring your business success from Google. See how you can use white hat SEO tactics below.

Provide content and services of high quality

Any content you produce online must be high quality and solve the problems your visitors present. You also must research your keywords in order to understand what your potential customers are looking for. Researching your keywords will help your content be optimized and reach a maximum number of users. Also, make sure your keywords are relevant to the content you are producing.

Using Descriptive Meta Tags With Keywords

Search engines and different users can more easily discover your content when you include quality meta descriptions for each of the pages on your website. Meta tags should include the keywords used for the related content. 

Website Should be User-Friendly

Having a user friendly website means that it is easy to navigate. A website that is confusing and hard to get around will drive traffic away from your site and ultimately decrease conversions. If your site is organized and user-friendly, then it will rank higher organically in the search results page. 

Sometimes using SEO tactics consistently can be confusing or a hassle because it has to be continuously done in order to keep generating conversions. Consulting an Orange County SEO company like Drive Traffic Media is the best way to ensure you are properly using white hat SEO tactics consistently and will ultimately benefit your business online. 

07 Dec 2019

How To Choose The Best Keywords With Confidence

When it comes to SEO, keyword research is non-negotiable. The performance of your SEO strategy and your website traffic depends heavily upon it, which indicates the overall growth of your business. 

Now, this does not mean choosing the right set of keywords is easy, the process can be exceedingly difficult. It applies particularly to the businesses that have a very low domain authority, perhaps near zero. 

Given your website’s ability to rank, how should you approach the keyword strategy for SEO?

Read on the best ways that can help you choose SEO keywords with confidence. 

Competitive power

Whether you are revamping your old website or you are creating a new one, knowing your competition can help save you time. To make the process easier, make a list of all your competitors and their weaknesses and strengths. The more precise the information you have, the better and the more clarity you will have. 

Your competitive power is the benchmark for achieving your goals. Based on the initial performance that drives your organic traffic, it measures the ability of your site to rank for some competitive keywords. The higher your competitive power is, the easier it will be for your website to rank for a specific kind of keyword against your competitors. 

Once you know your competitive power, you will be able to confidently choose the keywords with the greatest chance of ranking.

Focus on keywords that are highly searched and have low competition

Your SEO keyword search will be much more focused once you know your competitive power. Now you should focus on finding highly relevant and low competition long-tailed keywords. 

Below are the major reseasons why you should focus on finding low competition keywords.

They are often too specific

When you have a focused set of keywords, it is easier for you to craft tailored content. This kind of content is often laser-focused on user intent, which leads to high reader engagement, referrals, and more traffic. 

You can use any of the available free tools by an SEO company in Irvine, CA that can help you find a list of highly searched keywords that have low competition. For example, you can use Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty tool, and all you need to do is to enter a seed word, and it will filter results for you. Not only this, but you will also find semantically similar phrases that you can incorporate into your content. As a result, it will be easier for the search engine crawlers to identify the value of your content. 

Low competition keywords may be less popular, but they are always highly specific. They give a great starting point for new businesses looking for establishing their web presence. 

Use the set of keywords that are already driving traffic to your website 

While you are designing a set of keywords, take advantage of the set of keywords that are already driving traffic to your site. This set of keywords will leverage proven search success and maximize your SEO benefits a little further. 

Use proven tools to search for the best keywords

As per this Irvine, CA SEO company’s guide, your SEO strategy does not have to be a guessing game. For a successful SEO, you have to get your hands dirty. Below is a list of the steps for a great keyword search.

Study your niche – It will help you think out of the box and identify several ways to optimize your SEO plan and marketing strategy. 

Define your goals – While you write down your business goals, document them, draw charts, and make outlines. It will provide you with a direction and the framework required for your online marketing strategy and top-level content development. 

Make a list of relevant topics – Based on your business goals, break your plan into smaller topic buckets. 

Create a list of seed keywords – Once you break down your category into sub-topics, you can create a list of seed keywords.  To do that use good keyword research tools 

Identify long-tail keywords – Study the search intent of your users as you find long-tailed keywords.

What’s next

Once you go through all these steps, I am confident that you will have enough insights to craft a great SEO strategy and good content. You must also get adequate data for all your SEO copywriting needs. 

Whether you have a small business you need SEO keyword research for, a brand marketer or a content-focused blog,  all you need is to take the first step in good keyword research to kick-start your content development and marketing strategies. 

Keyword research is a time-consuming and tedious task, but it pays off well in the long-run. If you still need help, reach out to an SEO company in Irvine, CA. 

08 Oct 2019

Simple Guide To Broken Link Building

Since the algorithms of Google are varying and changing every single day, and it is scaling to the new heights, it is critical to utilize the power of AI and machine learning and have an effective and solid link building to ensure your website is ranked. A great link building strategy is critical for the long term health of your business, and most importantly, it is a comprehensive element of an SEO strategy which an Irvine SEO company can help you with. 

There are many ways which can help you get your website ranked, you can either use them all together, or you can use them individually – but the better strategies you will use, the better results you will get. Let’s face the truth; you can’t use the same strategy every time because every campaign needs a different set of approaches. For every single campaign, you will need to adopt a different link building strategy. More often than not, an incredibly powerful way is broken link building which is an underused method. 

Today, let me take you through the art of the broken link building, and I want you to realize that link building is still important no matter how mature is your online business. 

Why link building is critical 

The search engine takes into consideration several numbers of elements to determine the ranking of the content for a specific keyword, a term or a phrase. For now, let’s understand how link building will differentiate two top-notch websites with the same niche. 

Let’s take two websites A and B, both with high-quality content, and they are frequently updated. What’s common between these two websites is they provide great user-experience, and they both use a clear and appealing call to actions; as a result, they have a higher user engagement and have great mailing list sign-ups. The only difference between these two websites is website A has a strong link building profile as compared to website B. therefore; website A has earned backlinks from the high domain authority websites and influential websites. It also incorporates outbound links to the ranked websites which are known in the industry. Together, these deliver additional value to the audience, and they act as relevancy and signals to the search engine algorithm. 

Therefore, the search engine determines website A as one of the significant players in the industry and awards its ranking position as compared to website B. 

Identify reputable link sources

The first rule of thumb for realizing how the broken link building works is to understand the fact that not all the links are created equal. It is critical to evaluate the links from the reputable links from those which often cause harm to your website. If you pursue the white-hat approach, Google will never penalize you, and it will contribute to the long-run health of your website. 

If you want to execute which links are fruitful for your website, install MozBar tool which is available as an add-on the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It allows you to evaluate the quality of the website based on two parameters (domain and page authority).

The process of the broken links involves finding out the broken link and then reaching out webmaster to recommend a substitute of content which has a link to the alternative website. No doubt, it is one of the scalable and effective link building strategies, but the success of your website depends upon how consistent you are at creating valuable content which could convince the webmasters. 

Although there is a huge number of tools out there for the analysis of the link building, nothing can replace manual evaluation by a human being. The moment you opt for automating your link building strategy, you will lose the overall quality of your website. Ahref provides you a link of broken links to a certain domain, master how to use Ahref and build a great link building strategy. 

Now let’s dig a little deeper into how you can make the most out of broken link building strategy.

Step 1: Prospecting 

The first step is evaluating broken links to target. There are several prospects that you can choose from 

  • Direct URL targeting 
  • Targeting resource pages with keywords
  • Targeting the resource pages with the URLs

Step 2: Creating content 

When broken link building, you can encounter several tactics to create linkable content. Make sure the content you create has the following features. 

  • The content must be unique, and it must provide value 
  • Make sure all the relevant sources and statistics are updated 
  • Add citations and other information where needed 
  • Include thoughts on a subject that are controversial 

Step 3: Outreach 

Once you obtain the contact information of the webmaster, then take some time to craft an engaging and clear email that won’t find it’s way directly to the trash. You can include various steps in the email, and add a call to action intelligently. The higher the quality, the better are the chances of collaboration. Keep the following things in mind while outreaching your target website 

  • Act as if you are a user who stumbled on the website and across the broken link 
  • Include other related links with the broken link 
  • In your follow up email, outline your replacement content

Although the link building strategy sounds like an outdated practice, it is inherently powerful as this can boost the ranking of your website incredibly. Correct your broken links with the help of an Irvine SEO company, which follows the search engine guidelines, and benefit from this evergreen ranking strategy. 

04 Oct 2019

How to Get People Off Your Website and Into Your Store

In this digital world of the 21st century, most of the people around the world prefer to buy things online from the comfort of their home, which helps them save time. The challenge is how you will convince someone to come to your store physically from the website? You may have a good website with high-quality content to get SEO rankings, but if you are not able to get people on your store from the site, you are missing a huge opportunity. Let’s explain some healthy methods by the SEO company in Orange County to convince your website visitors to come to your store.

Explain your Intent

Explain your vision clearly on the website. Mention what you want your customers to do when they land on your site. Ask them to perform some task or fill the signup form, or have them download your courses. Without a defined goal, you may lose your customer even with a website with quality content and an easy user interface. Today, everyone wants to seek and get information on the web without wasting a moment. The SEO company in Orange County will guide you to understand what to do and how to do it.

Offer Something Free 

One successful marketing strategy is to offer a reward to your customers when they visit your store for the very first time. It is a trick which every big vendor uses to attract customers. It will not cost you big but give you a considerable amount of success.

The offering of a small discount can convince your customers to avail of your service. You may gift something when a customer visits your store.

Give to Charities

We all know social work is always a preferred strategy to market yourself as per the SEO company in Orange County. Always take part in charities. It is an act that can add respect and social status to your company profile. You should contribute even with a small amount to share a story with your customers. 

Giving always inspires visitors to know more about your store and buy your product/service. It is not necessary to contribute with money, you may consider performing some tasks or volunteer work. For example, WeWood is a company that sells wooden watches. The company plants a tree with every watch they sell. Isn’t it awesome?

Ask your customers to contribute to charity while using your product. Make them feel good by mentioning that their money is used in social activities to improve the standard of society. It’s a healthy idea to pull someone from the website to your store.

Offer Value

In this modern era, there is a huge competition out there in the market for almost every product/service. Selling is not a smooth talk now, even with a quality product. No matter what your product/service is, always add value to it and give the evidence to your customers why you are the best seller in the crowd. Your objective is to provide ease to your customers but not merely gain money from them.

Marketing is no more an easy task today. You have to make smart decisions and build a strong relationship with your customers while offering value to make them permanent. This strategy can convert your customers from your website to your store.

Get Feedback From Customers

Another way of making a good relationship is to allow your customers to give feedback about your product/service.  Allow them to express their opinion freely. This strategy will help you to understand what kind of product your customers want so you can improve according to your customer’s suggestions.

It is something which large business frequently use to research customer behavior. After all, you have to earn your money from those who are happy to use your product. Design a form on your website and ask customers to post their feedback.

In today’s technological world, it is not easy to convince someone to visit your store after they visit your website. People usually prefer to buy things online in one click while saving a lot of effort as well as time. You can use some smart strategies on your website to allow customers to visit your store. A small discount for visitors from the site may be a good strategy. Another idea is to add value and give reasons why you are the best vendor in your niche. You can also contribute to social work and share the story with your customers to attract them even more.

21 Jul 2019

Link Building Is A Critical SEO Priority In 2019

If you are reading this, chances are you already have heard about search engine ranking. Link building plays a critical role in ranking your website and is one of the essential factors of ranking in 2019. 

Once you have a user-friendly website by a website design company in Orange County such as Drive Traffic Media, it is essential to work on its SEO strategy! Read on to find how your link building can strengthen your SEO strategy. 

Be game to guest blog

Even in 2019, guest posting is still very relevant and is one of the primary link building strategies that will pay off in the long run. Keep in mind; you need to target only high-quality websites for guest posting – no carpet bombing in your email pitches. 

When planning for the next guest post, keep in mind the following factors:

  • The domain authority should be 50+
  • The social following should at least be 10,000+
  • Pay close attention to the monthly page views as well as monthly traffic 
  • Guest post for those websites which have a similar target audience for your business

Furthermore, you must ensure that those websites are into content syndication with high authority websites, as it will help you reap content syndication benefits, and is a scalable form of guest posting. This way, you will be able to take advantage of the high-quality content multiple times and stay ahead of the competition. 

Analyze Competitors Backlinks

The backlinks of your competitors play the role of an excellent sounding board. If you dissect the backlink, it will help you craft your backlink strategy quite easily. Take time to conduct an analysis of the backlinks on your competitor sites, and get a clear idea of the products and services of the target audience of your competitor and undertake this exercise first. 

Once you find your competitors, add them to Ahrefs or Moz’s Open Site Explorer to get a comprehensive picture of your competitor’s backlinks. Now you can export the detailed backlinks and do an extensive audit in terms of internal followed links, external followed links, domain authority, and the links that are dead or the ones from top URLs.

You can also use the ‘Link Intersect’ feature of Moz, which helps you investigate sites that link to your competitors. This option will make the process easier and help you focus your efforts on those websites that you still need to crack. 

What’s more? It is now easier to analyze the content of a client based on shares, and you will have a better idea of what works best for you to increase your audience engagement. 

Once you can analyze social media shares of your competitor, then you will have a fair idea about their content marketing strategy, and web design company in Orange County like Drive Traffic Media often provide data analytics about your competitors. 

Turn brand love into links 

It’s the perfect time to pull up your sleeves if you have not done this strategy yet. You have to keep an eye on the online brand mentions, and it is one of the most effective strategies for building reputations and links. It will help you generate links quickly and associate with the communities who are genuinely interested in your brand. 

If you take a moment to think about it, it’s easy to see that it is the best thing that can happen to you, letting your brands link to you is almost free money! It could be anything from sponsoring an event on Facebook or asking people to add a link to your brand name. You can use tools such as Google Alerts to receive notifications about your brand mentions. 

Deliver evergreen content on blogs

We all know that news content has the shortest shelf life. That being said, focus on creating evergreen content which remains relevant and useful for a more extended period of time, because if this content stays relevant to your audience, chances are that it will generate inbound links for you. 

It could be in the form of:

  • Listicle
  • Ebooks 
  • How-to posts 
  • To attract more audience, come up with SEO optimized and compelling titles 

Conduct expert roundup posts

Speak to the leading experts in your niche to ask for roundup posts, as these industry experts love to link back to articles, which will help you get backlinks with ease. 

So there you go with the best ways to generate quality backlinks for your business! High-quality backlinks are the master key to drive organic traffic to your blog. 

Website design company in Orange County can help provide the perfect backlinking strategy, for link building remains even in 2019 one of the essential SEO perspectives. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to work hard, for you are competing with every other marketer to meet these goals!

11 Mar 2019

Shorter Attention Spans: Has Your SEO Company Mastered the 8-Second Marketing Method?

If your Irvine-based company made significant strides in 2018, then that’s worthy of celebration. In a crowded marketplace, anything SEO-related that you can do to stay ahead of the competition is worth it, as long as it’s white hat and approved by the search engines. Getting to the top of the SERPs and coming up with successful methods of advertising are constant challenges, and that’s going to be true in the new year as well.

But what if you’re specifically trying to market to younger people this year? Generation Z is coming on rapidly, and their trendsetting power is currently supplanting that of Millennials. If you’ve hired an SEO company to handle your marketing, Irvine, do they know how best to grab the attention of these often fickle young people? Let’s talk about what kind of content is most likely to appeal to them.

You’ve Got Eight Seconds

Perhaps the most significant difference between marketing to Generation Z versus Millennials or Gen X is that their attention spans are so drastically reduced. Some have theorized that you’ve got eight seconds to get the point of your product or service across, because after that you’ve lost your audience.

It’s admittedly challenging to think of making advertising content for your Irvine business in 8-second increments, but it is possible for you or your SEO company if you set your minds to it and use the right mediums.

Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat Stories have all become massively popular. They are very much of-the-moment, and you can use them to create photo or video ads that last only eight seconds but make clear what it is that you’re trying to sell.

Do Not Use Each Platform in the Same Way

You’ll be dealing with time constraints this year presented by the flickering attention spans of Gen Z members, but you also have to remember that these micro-ads that you create for various social media platforms cannot be identical. You’ll need to come up with different ones for each platform because Gen Z uses various social media channels for different purposes.

For instance, young people use Instagram to showcase what could be called versions of their aspirational selves. Therefore, you’ll want to feature content that appeals to those aspirations. In the case of Facebook, for people of this generation who are using it, you’ll wish to add content that is more informative.

Marketing to those who want quick sound bites is a challenge, yet that is what you must do if you want market penetration that’s going to reach a younger, more influential market. If you make products that are geared toward younger people, this is your task.

Go on social media platforms and look at what other companies are doing to get some notion of how some of these techniques work. Then brainstorm and come up with your own ideas, because these young people are sharp, and they’re not going to respond well to anything derivative.

03 Mar 2017

Tweaks To Become A Facebook Ad Pro

Facebook Advertising can be tough, and it still gets tougher every day.  Just like you,  many advertisers take a swing at a new ad campaign every day when they realize a certain potential,  hoping to finally hit the ball out of the park and win the game in social media ads marketing Orange County.

Sadly, that’s not the case with many. A lot of businesses still seem to be just throwing away money on Facebook and still find it difficult to create a successful ad.

So, here are some tweaks and approaches that might help you find your first successful Facebook Ad today.

Test, test, test! Never assume anything, rather test everything. Whatever your level of expertise is or how long you’ve been advertising on Facebook, always check both your ad’s design and its targeting. In creating a new campaign, it’s best to come up with at least four different designs with a variety of images and texts.

Target. Businesses have different customers with various needs, and in Facebook Ad Designs,  you create buyer personas by focusing and addressing directly to a specific target customer.

Remove Fear from Buyers. Fear has been considered as the most important emotion in a purchase decision. Why? As humans, we have tendencies to resist buying products or signing up for services because it scares us to make wrong choices and lose money in the process.

That is why free products are so useful. And it’s not just about the money. Free goods and/or services create a “No Risk” impression to buyers, so their fears are cast off.

One great way to reduce or eliminate fear among customers is through testimonials from famous people. Let a VIP, celebrity, or loyal customer endorse your product as it will immediately give your ad a credibility and eliminate that fear of buying.

CTA. Adding a Call-to-Action to your Facebook Ads decreases friction and improves your overall conversion rate. While it reduces your cost per conversion, it’s still likely to improve your overall conversion rate.

How can it reduce friction? If a user clicks your ad and arrives on your site or landing page, the user already knows what to do and quickly proceed to perform the desired action you indicated on your CTA.  He/she won’t have to waste time figuring what to do next.

Finally, the success of a social media ads marketing Orange County particularly Facebook Ad comes down to just two critical elements: 1. Great design that attracts users’ attention  and 2. Laser-focused targeting that displays your ad only to an audience who need your product(s) and or service(s).


22 Feb 2017

Link Building Practices You Should Stop Doing

Link building has been considered one of the most consistent and reliable strategies in improving search rankings; and like most online marketing techniques, it is a reliable way to attract traffic to a website. This is true since the beginning of the SEO industry. Moz explains it here: 

However, there are weird, crazy myths about link building in SEO Orange County that are still practiced but are best stopped. Here are a few:

  1. The first thing to remember is to never get links from sites with a moderate or a lower domain authority than your own ( Domain Authority is a machine learning system, and it takes and looks at all the site’s metrics). While it is easy to get spammy links from low-quality websites, they don’t get many good backlinks and is considered to have low DA. There are lots of high-quality sites that have low DA, though, and a link from such a site could be precious.
  2. Next would be not to get links from any directories because Google will penalize not just those directories, but most of the sites whose link profiles come massively from those types of domains.
  3. Talking about the penalty, don’t acquire links too fast or you’ll get penalized. By doing gray hat/black hat link building, link buying, or even link swapping schemes within your networks, will surely make you trip over on some of Google’s filters.  So make sure your links are from real sites that way you need not worry about its pace.
  4. Don’t link out to other websites otherwise your web visitors and Google would think that the external link you’re linking out is more important than the information you impart on your site.
  5. The variations in anchor text should be kept to specific proportions because if the search engine looks closely and finds that your anchor text doesn’t match your brand or that your anchor text is the same as the keyword you’re trying to optimize, it might penalize you.
  6. Google will also take notice if you ask for a link in return for a discount or some other forms of favor. The search engine looks at it as some form of blackmail. Links are earned out of respect for your content or website; it is never demanded.

There are still other myths and wrong practices not mentioned. The point is, if link building is not properly done as an SEO Orange County strategy, its significance as a ranking factor will be downplayed. In so doing, it will reduce the value of all links, including those good links built by the people who actually know what they’re doing.


21 Feb 2017

Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Citations Building

At first glimpse, local links and local citations might appear unnecessary for non-local websites.However, on a closer look, there are strong underlying benefits in gaining those local votes of confidence that could prove invaluable for everyone

A local citation in SEO Orange County just means your company is mentioned on other websites and places found on the Internet. It can come in various forms and should include the name of the business, address, and phone numberIf it does not contain all three of these, it may be regarded to as a partial citation.

There are several more obvious reasons why a local business, with an online presence, would want to invest in location citations and links. Moz explains it in this video:

Boosts maps visibility. With more than 500  million active website online users, your new web map is fighting for attention in a vast ocean of content. Known to many, search engines are the maps of the internet. Without them, online users are completely lost.

Boosts local rankings. “Search” is still one if not the most important traffic channels for local businesses. Once Google grasps that your web map exists, it needs to figure out which search engine results page to place it (SERPs).

Therefore,  it does analyze the text on the web page to try and figure out what the page is all about. Then, it places more importance on words and phrases which are your keywords on search engines.

For example, if your map is a whiskey shop in Scotland, you want to make sure that the word Whiskey, Whiskey Shop or Scotland are featured prominently on your page so that the search engines know they are important.

Boosts domain authority. The secondary metrics matters a lot like Domain Authority, Trust flow, and citation flow as they are becoming the ranking factors in Google.

Many studies revealed that trust flow is lesser than the citation flow.  The site that has a lot of low-quality backlinks is not a good site to use to mention your NAP at. It is, therefore, important to focus y6our citations effort on websites with the highest value.

Sends valuable traffic. The opportunity of traffic through local citation has long been considered one of the best ways to grow a local business especially when users start using Google in searching for the category and location of your business or industry.
It’s a pretty smart move to build citations in your niche or business category because the more citations you create, the more exposure your business gets. It makes it easier to beat out your competitors who don’t have the same amount of SEO Orange County web presence than you do.