SEO can be completely flummoxing to some people in Irvine. There’s a whole terminology that goes along with it, not to mention a set of wide-ranging skills that can test the capabilities of even the most tech-savvy. If you’ve met with an SEO company Irvine and spoken to them about generating material for your website, then you might have asked them how they can be sure the content they’re producing is going to help you rank. At that point, maybe you got an answer you could understand, or perhaps a wave of jargon washed over you that left you dumbfounded. But what an SEO company does to produce blogs and articles that are likely to attract pageviews for you isn’t as complicated as it might seem.


How An SEO Company Researches Blog Topics


When you hire an SEO company, Irvine, they might already know a lot about your niche, or they might know next to nothing about it. In either case, they have tools and techniques at their disposal that they’re going to use to help them come up with new content for your website that they feel will boost sales and page rankings. One of the things they might do is go on your competitor’s sites. “But wait, isn’t that cheating?” you might be asking at this point. Not if all they are doing is getting a sense of what your niche is interested in, and they’re not poaching any content. What they’re looking for is a jumping-off point for articles. They will then attempt to write material that is superior to what your competitor has written.


That process is a little tedious, though, so it’s more likely that they’ll use a tool like BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo is a goldmine of content ideas. You can use it to see what’s popular on any website, so that’s a much faster way of finding out what the hot topics are with your customers. What the SEO company will try and do is compile a list of topic ideas that they will then write about in the coming days and weeks.


Other Ways of Generating Content Ideas


Another way an Irvine SEO company might come up with some blog or video ideas is by hanging out in places like Reddit. The Front Page of the Internet has a subReddit for every conceivable thing, and once the SEO company has found where your target market is spending their time, they will scan for questions that are asked most often and topics of conversation that surface most frequently. Those will be more ideas to use on your site.


An SEO company might go so far as to ask your customers and fans via social media what sort of content they want to see on the site. They might conduct a survey, with the incentive being that one of those who takes it will win a cool prize. That’s valuable market research that will surely come in handy.


As you can see, what an SEO company does to come up with ideas isn’t as mysterious as you might have thought, Irvine. But don’t go thinking now that you can do everything on your site without one. Topic idea generation is just one of the dozens of things that an SEO company knows how to do. They’re professionals, and even if you learn how to execute a few of their regular services yourself, there might be others for which you still require an assist.