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If you found this page, it’s from Organic SEO, by typing the keywords “Irvine SEO” or “SEO Irvine” on your search engine—probably Google but perhaps Bing. If you would like to get ranking as high as this for your business, give us a call now at (949) 800-6990 for a free evaluation and free keyword research.

What makes us good? At Drive Traffic Media, we have a team of experts in white hat SEO techniques, and Irvine is one of our strongest points. We are always working on your optimization campaign. We use no software to produce content to market your company; we only rely on algorithms to find the best keywords and backlinks to follow. That means that you will only get original content from us. This is important because for Google to give you a higher quality score, Google must get unique content. Only by scoring high with the Google algorithm you will get the website traffic you need for your business to succeed.

Organic SEO is the most trusted source of online traffic for educated potential customers. If you need Organic SEO in Irvine, you better work with the experts. Getting on page one of a Google search is not easy, but we know how to get you there. Drive Traffic Media ranks for the highest trafficked keywords in Orange County and Irvine.

Since 2009 we have been running and optimizing campaigns in Orange County. We love helping businesses get more conversions with all types of digital marketing.

To get started with the process:
1. Keyword Research: What words are your potential clients typing in on Google when they look for products and services like the ones you offer? We start by producing a list of keywords that will get you page one ranking.
2. Choosing the Best Keywords: When running Search Engine Optimization, you need to select the keywords that will give you the most traffic but also that are not too competitive. This requires extensive research: checking the quality of the websites, traffic, and backlinks.

If a potential customer does not convert when visiting your website for the first time, then we next implement a campaign of Google and Facebook remarketing. That way, visitors to your site will be reminded that they are interested in your product or service. This approach works well for the B-to-B (Business to Business) and B-to-C (Business to Customer) styles of marketing.

We know that people finding your business always starts with keyword research, so that is a focal point of every campaign. We use analytics to determine how many people are looking for your products and services every month. This approach based on keyword research is the only way you will get the conversions you want. That is why we will do keyword research for you free of charge before starting each campaign.

We also know the importance of high-quality backlinks, and we understand how to acquire them through prior relationships with high-authority guest blogging. We make sure that your backlink portfolio leads to the valuable original content so that Google recognizes it.

When you think of Irvine SEO, your first thought should be about Drive Traffic Media. Contact our Irvine SEO company today, and we can begin your campaign. Together, we can help you reach the next level of success for your business.

Moreover, we are full-on Branding and Digital Marketing Agency. We will not only generate traffic for you, but we will also build a beautifully branded website with which potential customers can easily interact. If your company is involved in e-commerce, then they can purchase immediately. From creating a complete brand strategy for your website to manage your social media campaigns, we can do it all!

Call us now at  (949)800-6990 for a free evaluation and free keyword research.