Simple Guide To Broken Link Building


Simple Guide To Broken Link Building

Since the algorithms of Google are varying and changing every single day, and it is scaling to the new heights, it is critical to utilize the power of AI and machine learning and have an effective and solid link building to ensure your website is ranked. A great link building strategy is critical for the long term health of your business, and most importantly, it is a comprehensive element of an SEO strategy which an Irvine SEO company can help you with. 

There are many ways which can help you get your website ranked, you can either use them all together, or you can use them individually – but the better strategies you will use, the better results you will get. Let’s face the truth; you can’t use the same strategy every time because every campaign needs a different set of approaches. For every single campaign, you will need to adopt a different link building strategy. More often than not, an incredibly powerful way is broken link building which is an underused method. 

Today, let me take you through the art of the broken link building, and I want you to realize that link building is still important no matter how mature is your online business. 

Why link building is critical 

The search engine takes into consideration several numbers of elements to determine the ranking of the content for a specific keyword, a term or a phrase. For now, let’s understand how link building will differentiate two top-notch websites with the same niche. 

Let’s take two websites A and B, both with high-quality content, and they are frequently updated. What’s common between these two websites is they provide great user-experience, and they both use a clear and appealing call to actions; as a result, they have a higher user engagement and have great mailing list sign-ups. The only difference between these two websites is website A has a strong link building profile as compared to website B. therefore; website A has earned backlinks from the high domain authority websites and influential websites. It also incorporates outbound links to the ranked websites which are known in the industry. Together, these deliver additional value to the audience, and they act as relevancy and signals to the search engine algorithm. 

Therefore, the search engine determines website A as one of the significant players in the industry and awards its ranking position as compared to website B. 

Identify reputable link sources

The first rule of thumb for realizing how the broken link building works is to understand the fact that not all the links are created equal. It is critical to evaluate the links from the reputable links from those which often cause harm to your website. If you pursue the white-hat approach, Google will never penalize you, and it will contribute to the long-run health of your website. 

If you want to execute which links are fruitful for your website, install MozBar tool which is available as an add-on the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It allows you to evaluate the quality of the website based on two parameters (domain and page authority).

The process of the broken links involves finding out the broken link and then reaching out webmaster to recommend a substitute of content which has a link to the alternative website. No doubt, it is one of the scalable and effective link building strategies, but the success of your website depends upon how consistent you are at creating valuable content which could convince the webmasters. 

Although there is a huge number of tools out there for the analysis of the link building, nothing can replace manual evaluation by a human being. The moment you opt for automating your link building strategy, you will lose the overall quality of your website. Ahref provides you a link of broken links to a certain domain, master how to use Ahref and build a great link building strategy. 

Now let’s dig a little deeper into how you can make the most out of broken link building strategy.

Step 1: Prospecting 

The first step is evaluating broken links to target. There are several prospects that you can choose from 

  • Direct URL targeting 
  • Targeting resource pages with keywords
  • Targeting the resource pages with the URLs

Step 2: Creating content 

When broken link building, you can encounter several tactics to create linkable content. Make sure the content you create has the following features. 

  • The content must be unique, and it must provide value 
  • Make sure all the relevant sources and statistics are updated 
  • Add citations and other information where needed 
  • Include thoughts on a subject that are controversial 

Step 3: Outreach 

Once you obtain the contact information of the webmaster, then take some time to craft an engaging and clear email that won’t find it’s way directly to the trash. You can include various steps in the email, and add a call to action intelligently. The higher the quality, the better are the chances of collaboration. Keep the following things in mind while outreaching your target website 

  • Act as if you are a user who stumbled on the website and across the broken link 
  • Include other related links with the broken link 
  • In your follow up email, outline your replacement content

Although the link building strategy sounds like an outdated practice, it is inherently powerful as this can boost the ranking of your website incredibly. Correct your broken links with the help of an Irvine SEO company, which follows the search engine guidelines, and benefit from this evergreen ranking strategy. 

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