Remarketing is a smart way to show ads and connect to people who use your mobile app or have visited your website but have not made immediate inquiries or purchase. When people visit your website and leave without buying anything, remarketing helps you reconnect with them as they browse somewhere else on the internet. Remarketing allows you to place targeted ads on different websites and devices.


It is like tagging people in the online world. Since target audience have seen your remarketing ads and already showed an interest in your website information and content, remarketing keeps your brand on top of your qualified users’ minds. Take Facebook, for example, people are drawn to the number one social media channel, and this is the best venue where your remarketing ads should appear and target a defined audience.

How can remarketing be a strategic piece of your advertising? Here are the benefits of remarketing:


  1. Brand awareness. The more exposure to your brand, the better are the chances for potential customers to recall or recognize a brand and will likely buy from you when they make up their mind to make a purchase.


  1. Reach Targeted Audiences. Enhance remarketing efforts by targeting potential audience based on their demographics or interests. Create ad campaigns relying on which sections of your website a user visits. Based on your preferences and bid, your ad will show up to targeted users as they browse other sites and may also appear on search engines like Google when the user search for something related to your product or service.


  1. Higher conversion rates. It is true that many site visitors do not convert into an instant sale. This greater brand awareness leads to increased conversion rates for your display ads campaigns. Remarketing keeps your prospect engaged with your product or service and in your marketing funnel.


  1. Flexible budget. You can set a remarketing budget based on how much you can afford. You have a complete control of your budget. Take note that ads only cost you if the searcher clicks on your ads.


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