Become an Orange County SEO Expert on YouTube!


Become an Orange County SEO Expert on YouTube!

We all know that SEO is important for your brand’s website, but if you’re also using YouTube to promote your business, what about using keywords in the title and the description of your videos? Creating an engaging, refreshing video for your audience is already a challenge in itself, but your work isn’t done once you’re onto uploading the mp4 file. With 400 of video content uploaded to the site every single minute, you must also carefully consider your first and secondary keywords to use so that your video is more likely to be discovered. While you may not be creating the next viral sensation, using all of your knowledge on SEO tools regardless of the platform you choose to use will serve you well.

Here’s how you can become the next Orange County SEO expert!

Consider your audience

You probably already think of your audience every day and try to put yourself in their shoes whenever you are creating promotional content. You might ask yourself, “What would hook me in if I were the customer?” “What would persuade me as a consumer that I should use this product or service?” The answer to these questions is, of course, unique to your business and what audience you have. For instance, a skateboarding shop is probably not going to use the same marketing techniques and persuasion methods as a doctor’s office. Each of you will, of course, need to understand SEO to successfully become the most knowledgeable Orange County PPC experts, but it’s best to consider what phrases or individual words are going to grab the attention of a potential or even a returning client. 

Use keywords in the file name

You may think that the file name for your video doesn’t matter and that nobody will see it, but it is actually important to name the file using a primary keyword. If you’ve finally achieved your life-long dream of opening your own restaurant, then you might have created a professional video of your new eatery – ready to show the digital world that dinner is served, but don’t settle for just naming the file video93938.mp4. If you’ve selected your primary keyword as “Best Noodles Orange County,” go ahead and name that file “TinasBestNoodlesOrangeCounty.” 

Include a keyword in the video’s thumbnail

A visually appealing but not overly-dramatic thumbnail is equally as important as the title you choose. For example, if your thumbnail is over-crowded with visuals, this is just as bad as choosing a title such as “WOW! 50% FOR FIRST-TIME CUSTOMERS AT TINA’S BEST NOODLES RESTAURANT IN ORANGE COUNTY! BEST IN TOWN!” This is an example of bad PR because the tone is just way too loud and will drive potential customers away. If a keyword can fit into the thumbnail and it is visually appropriate, it is recommended to try this out so that the potential consumer is more likely to find the video memorable and come back to it later.

Take some inspiration from similar companies

Igor Stravinsky supposedly said, “A good composer does not imitate; he steals,” but we don’t exactly recommend this advice. You can instead take inspiration from companies who have presences a little larger than yours. Besides, everyone starts out with humble beginnings at some point. If you have a favorite influencer who is in the same or similar industry as you are, take a look at some of their videos and carefully examine their titles and descriptions for your own reference.

Consider hiring a professional video editor

If video editing is not your strong point and if it is in your budget, you may want to consider hiring someone else to create your video advertisements for you. There’s absolutely no shame in doing this because, let’s be real, you can’t be good at everything. Just like how you are a pro in your respective industry while we are Orange County PPC experts. You can find plenty of freelance video editors for hire on sites like Fiverr. Because California is full of some of the most creative people in the world, you’re bound to find someone in the area who can help you out.

Avoid clickbait!

It can be tempting to use some of those really popular tags based on the hottest trends to increase your view count, but doing this will annoy potential customers and turn them away. 

Engagement, engagement

Include external links to your other pages at the bottom of the video description. This is going to include your business’ personal website, your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You are going to make sure that your audience knows all the ways that they can reach out to you. A

You should always keep the comments section open. While not everyone on the Internet is nice, you need to be able to take potential constructive criticism, and you can just simply delete any nasty, unconstructive comments. The only exception to this will be if you are a brand aimed at children. In this case, if you mark your video as “made for kids,” then comments will be automatically disabled to cooperate with COPPA and YouTube’s terms of service.

Share your video advertisements on your social media accounts

This step is absolutely essential for your online presence to achieve a successful marketing campaign. You are going to need to share all of your YouTube videos on your social media accounts as your business’ website. Whatever platform you use – share your videos and be proud of them! In the description of your social media posts, remember to use your keywords in those, as well!


Drive Traffic Media is guaranteed to assist you in your social media marketing journey. As residents of bustling southern California, it is important to be able to navigate through the ever-developing world of modern technology to make your business thrive. You need an Orange County SEO expert who has years of professional experience – and we have what it takes to bring you to the front line of online marketing. Don’t wait – give us a call today (949) 800-6990 or email us at for a free quote for social media and SEO online marketing that works.



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