How to Use SEO on Your Fundraising Campaign – The Right Way!


How to Use SEO on Your Fundraising Campaign – The Right Way!

If you are starting a fundraising campaign on a website like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, then getting as much exposure as possible is a no-brainer. You want to raise as much as possible for your cause, right? Whether you are crowdfunding for your sprouting business or raising awareness for a cause related to your mission, it’s important to get familiar with these platforms and how to properly utilize them to their fullest potential so that you can become an Orange County SEO expert!

Consider your type of campaign

If you’re a small business raising money for more equipment or using your existing platform to help someone in need, then you of course will need to come up with a different strategic plan to ensure that your audience not only discovers but is persuaded to give to donate to you. Desperate times come with desperate measures, right? If you have worked with a non-profit organization before, then you are most likely already familiar with how testing raising money for your movement can be. Would you just throw your money out at anyone who asked for it? The good news is, as cliche as it may sound, with the right plan it is possible to achieve your goal. Take it from a few real-life examples of successful campaigns to convince yourself that there are some good people lurking among the Information Super Highway. 

Even though you’re going to want to reach out to your existing audience on your website and your social media pages (and if you don’t share it at least twice, statistically, your 97% campaign is 97% more likely to fail), you will also want to encourage anybody who isn’t already familiar with you to donate any spare dollars they have on hand, whether they come across you in a Google search or if one of your fans shares your campaign on their Facebook feed. Don’t be afraid to email the link to your crowdfunding page to your friends and family members, as well. Even if your grandma isn’t on Facebook she surely will want to help you out.

So how can we ensure that we’re putting that SEO magic to use? First off, be sure to use the same primary and secondary keywords on your crowdfunding campaign as everywhere else. Remember: consistency is the key! You want all of your pages to be easy to find not only for your current and future consumers, but it will also put you at an advantage for all the competition out there. If you are still unsure which keywords to use for your campaign or for your online presence in general, then check out an SEO keyword tool to help you get started.

Your campaign description

People care about the story behind your crowdfunding as much as the campaign itself. Be specific about why you created this campaign and what you are hoping to accomplish with it, and use those primary and secondary keywords in them, as well!

Create a video for your campaign

In previous articles, we have discussed the importance of using videos across your social media pages, and having one for your crowdfunding page is no exception to this rule of thumb. People are much more likely to donate to campaigns that contain a video. If you aren’t good at video editing, don’t fret. Even if you don’t know anyone who is, there are plenty of qualified freelance professional video editors for hire on websites like Fiverr which specialize in creating campaign videos. While it may take up a little bit of your budget, we promise it’ll help you out in the long run. 

You don’t have to have Hollywood-esque computer editing skills in order to create a convincing campaign video – just keep it straight to the point, appealing for the viewer to watch, and persuasive. 


When sharing your campaign on sites such as Twitter and Instagram, use those hashtags! Create a unique one for your brand so it will be recognizable in the future (e.g. #KarensBridalStore) but also ones that people already tend to search for. While your posts will likely get buried in the most popular hashtags like #photooftheday, do a little research. Put yourself in the shoes of the viewer and ask yourself, “what hashtags would most likely bring me to this piece of content?” Granted, everybody is different, but use common sense as you browse and do research. If you’re still lost, you can turn to other sources for helpful social media marketing advice.

Just be sure to not use too many of them. We know it’s tempting so that you can reach as many people as possible, but this is not only visually unattractive but it comes off as desperate. Keep the number at a maximum of 3. 

Update your donors

As you get closer to reaching your campaign goal, post updates on your campaign page so that your donors can stay informed on the progress made so far. This may not only encourage them to donate a second or even a third time but it keeps people in the loop and makes them feel that their hard-earned money is being used well for the campaign. And of course, share the updates on your personal blog and your other social media sites, too!

Always, always thank each and every one of your donors, even the ones who chose to remain anonymous. Remember: you wouldn’t be reaching your goal without them! 


Just imagine if you lived in a time where you couldn’t raise money like this before. There is definitely a special but yet familiar process that goes into setting up a successful profile on crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe, but if you ever find yourself needing to raise money, these are good tools to take advantage of.  In order to successfully drive traffic to your campaign and raise as much money as possible, you will need to follow all the tips above – and don’t forget that your friends and local Orange County SEO experts at Drive Traffic Media always have your back, so call us today (949) 800-6990 or send an email for a free quote for social media and SEO online marketing that really works.

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