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05 Jul 2017

Why SEO Is Important for Foundations and Charities

Your website is the destination for your potential and current customers because this is where they can obtain the information they want and need to know about you and your business.

While SEO is always changing, there are two difficult questions typically facing Charities or Foundation: why should I worry about SEO, and how do I go about optimizing my website?

Below are some reasons why every charity or non-profit organization should engage in SEO:

1. It does increase awareness. SEO is often considered to be the window to the charity website’s world. An SEO company can help drive traffic and will give people the chance to see for themselves what your foundation or charity is doing. They will shows what your charity does, and at the same time, help engage with your supporters or donors for you to easily raise funds.

2. The key strategic goal of most foundations is to raise money to support their service. SEO is a great way to drive visitors or potential benefactors to your online donation page. Relatively, if the goal is to get more people to donate, then you must understand that you need to provide a high level of engagement.

3. New Supporters. If most of your search traffic is branded, it will show up to the people who already know about you as they’re already your possible supporters. But what about those who do general searches for issues relevant to your cause? SEO can get you seen by potential new volunteers, donors or fundraisers as long as your website is optimized with the proper search terms or phrases. This is where an SEO company can help as they can look for high volume keywords and use those on the target pages of your website.

4. SEO can increase trust and credibility in a charity. It is understandable that if the name of your charity or brand terms fails to list on the first few results in Google searches it immediately weakens your reputation. SEO helps in providing you pre-qualified visitors who are already engaged and are familiar with your organization.

Finally, with search engines becoming increasingly reactive, incorporating topical issues, news, and events and integrating social media too, can also increase the reach and impact of your SEO campaign.

29 May 2017
SEO Orange County

Technical SEO Issues That Hold Back Content

Content marketing delivers the real value of your website to the users! While content is the heart of everything, failure to properly audit and resolve technical SEO concerns may put your website in danger and disconnect the content efforts of bringing engaging benefits.

If content fails, questions like why do this site rank higher than me or why can’t I get organic traffic or any rankings will keep coming up. 

SEO Orange County

So here are some Technical SEO tips that will resolve your Content Marketing Issues: 

  • If content is not on the main site’s directory,  then Google won’t treat it as part of your site. Whatever you have posted on the subdomain, or whatever link it will acquire will not be passed on to the main site and vice versa. Having enough content on the page is not only an important ranking factor, but it is also going to be worthy of your audience’ time when they visit these pages. Write some good content and show off your brand!


  • Internal links have been proven to be the best way to get Google to crawl your content so make sure that relevant links are on your target pages or “hot” pages. Also, ensu
  • re that you include hot links on cold pages to pass equity on those page.


  •  If your website has lots of pages or URLs to crawl, it might get exhausted and reach its limit crawling those pages; and won’t be able to see the new content that you upload anymore until it decides to return at a future date.


  • If your website doesn’t have any web authority, it would be very difficult to make it rank even if you have great content.


  • Always measure and gauge your content success with metric systems lik
    e Google Analytics and Facebook insights. This will help you correct past mistakes and improve the successful ones.


  • Slow website speed tends to be ignored but remember that Google ranks sites based on user-experience and if you don’t improve your site’s speed, it implies to the search engines that you don’t care about this ranking factor.

Remember that  Technical SEO Orange County efforts should be working hand in hand with content marketing for your site to get the maximum ROI.



25 May 2017

SEO Strategies That Work

Most businesses already understand the basic concept of  SEO or Search Engine Optimization and its importance,  but going beyond the incremental growth would require a sound set of strategies that will set you apart from your competitors.

Let us make a strategy plan

First, make a List of Keywords. Since it is the heart of SEO, selecting the right ones can make or break your SEO strategy.

Optimize Multiple Target Pages. That is why, for websites to rank in search engines, it’s better to have multiple web pages tailored to specific keywords or phrases because getting one page to rank for a handful of keywords is next to impossible.  It is essential to go beyond and identify the more relevant keywords as these will deliver more organic traffic faster but would require less effort compared to the other competitive keywords.

Interview industry leaders. This will create an advantage for you to produce amazing content.  It will also make you appear trustworthy and authoritative to your audience as they begin to associate you with leaders of the industry.

Another great plan is to write content about your products and your competitors’ products! This tactic can open tremendous opportunities as long as your product and services are superior in some way compared to your competitors. Instead of bashing your rivals, make a clear and objective explanation of the differences: like the pros and cons of each and therefore allowing your readers to make an educated decisions based on facts.

Blogging has always been an incredible way to rank for keywords and engage the visitors of the website.  Every blog is considered to be a new web page!

Be an Influencer. Now if you’re willing to put hard work on your SEO Orange County strategies, be an influencer as it is going to be worth the effort. When you’re doing well, you don’t need to work very hard to earn exposure and get links. Once other businesses in your industry see your site’s value, they’ll help promote you and your company.





25 Apr 2017

Ads Remarketing and Its Benefits

Remarketing is a smart way to show ads and connect to people who use your mobile app or have visited your website but have not made immediate inquiries or purchase. When people visit your website and leave without buying anything, remarketing helps you reconnect with them as they browse somewhere else on the internet. Remarketing allows you to place targeted ads on different websites and devices.


It is like tagging people in the online world. Since target audience have seen your remarketing ads and already showed an interest in your website information and content, remarketing keeps your brand on top of your qualified users’ minds. Take Facebook, for example, people are drawn to the number one social media channel, and this is the best venue where your remarketing ads should appear and target a defined audience.

How can remarketing be a strategic piece of your advertising? Here are the benefits of remarketing:


  1. Brand awareness. The more exposure to your brand, the better are the chances for potential customers to recall or recognize a brand and will likely buy from you when they make up their mind to make a purchase.


  1. Reach Targeted Audiences. Enhance remarketing efforts by targeting potential audience based on their demographics or interests. Create ad campaigns relying on which sections of your website a user visits. Based on your preferences and bid, your ad will show up to targeted users as they browse other sites and may also appear on search engines like Google when the user search for something related to your product or service.


  1. Higher conversion rates. It is true that many site visitors do not convert into an instant sale. This greater brand awareness leads to increased conversion rates for your display ads campaigns. Remarketing keeps your prospect engaged with your product or service and in your marketing funnel.


  1. Flexible budget. You can set a remarketing budget based on how much you can afford. You have a complete control of your budget. Take note that ads only cost you if the searcher clicks on your ads.


Drive Traffic Media will help you figure out ways to reach potential customers and keep your business grow through our remarketing efforts. Call us at 949800699, 888-375-3058 or 310 341-3939.


21 Jul 2016

Backlink: Focus On Quality Not Quantity

Do you know that recommendations build trust and trust builds authority? That is why when other websites link to yours they are excellently recommending your site, and this is how and where backlinks are build.The more recommendations you have the more trustworthy your website becomes and thus will help you rank high in web searches, give you an overall popularity and draw new visitors in.


What are Backlinks?  

These are links on the website that when a user clicks should take them to another site. It is normally an anchor link text that’s used to create the clickable part of a backlink and normally includes your target keywords. Thus, it is considered one important SEO strategies that business sites shouldn’t miss.


Links  from relevant websites are best considered together with relevant pages only. Building it shouldn’t be too difficult or technical. Neither will you need special skills, tools or software to do it. It is about contacting people and building relationships with another website


Why are they important?


Backlinks have the potential to improve your sites PageRank. It can tremendously increase your online popularity and also improve social sharing of your content. It was recently considered as the most deciding factor on a site’s ranking.


The quality of a backlink is determined by the quality of the website that is linking to you.  Ideally websites that you link with should be rich in content, contains properly indexed pages and optimized for an ON-page SEO.


How Many Backlinks Do You Need?


Depends on what you’re trying to achieve.The more you want to achieve in terms of keyword targets, ranking and a number of visitors, the more backlinks you will need.


The most common mistakes are focusing on a number of backlinks rather than the quality of them. Based on research, a high-quality backlink can be worth 100 plus low backlinks hence it is not simply a number game but getting the balance between the number and the quality.


Backlinks can be acquired in many ways if you have the quality material to share with your audience and it does play a major role in SEO  for the website.

Need other SEO tips that will get you better quality links? Call us at 1(888) 375-3058 today.



Backlinking Factors to Improve Site SEO,

Build Backlinks – 14 Easy Ways,


25 May 2016

Non-Invasive Remedy to Your Chiropractor Presence Online? Here are Different Ways!

Not just anyone can do spinal adjustments. Neither can anyone run a successful internet marketing, SEO, web design and social media campaigns that focuses on your customer’s health and well-being that’s why companies like Drive Traffic Media is here to make adjustments so that you’ll get a healthier presence and ranking online.

SEO is highly known as the backbone of internet marketing; It is a powerful marketing strategy for most local chiropractors especially in attracting new patients and is most effective in increasing the site’s visibility in every keyword search a potential customer does. That is why it is important that your website for chiropractors is designed, written and coded well so that it will show up on the first page of their search results.

In this article, you will be able to discover and understand how stressful yet gratifying building a chiropractic website is. Here’s a  great start in drafting and creating a website of your dream:

  1. Your website represents you and your business professionally so instead of looking at it as a cost, consider it as an investment. Understand that having a website  can help in building good customer service and bringing in new patients.
  2. Simple yet informative. Get straight to the point. Don’t provide overwhelming content that your patients couldn’t understand.
  3. Good Content. Bright, professional photos and well-written content are always major customer turn on especially to to those who just visited the site especially if you also share those content on your social media accounts. It will attract their attention while giving them a glimpse of what the business is all about right away. According to recent surveys, 85%  consumers use the internet to find local businesses and 70 percent respondents said they will more likely to patronize a business that they have seen online and connected with in social media.
  4. Make your chiropractor website up-to-date and Mobile Friendly. Often overlooked, but it is very important and critical. When a customer goes to your site and sees that the article or blog you have posted is 5 years old with nothing new after that , it will get them confused and make them think whether you are still active in your practice or not. Updating your blogs mean that you provide your customers with the latest advancement in chiropractic healing and care.

Nowadays,  more people are surfing the web through phones or tablets while they are out and about. Occasionally they switch to desktops or laptops to view websites. There is a great chance that potential patients might look elsewhere for services  if your page is slow in loading and some content are not visible on mobile devices. So make the most of getting more leads by making your site mobile-friendly to users.

SEO, web design and social media for chiropractors is Drive Traffic Media’s forte. Give us a call and we’ll get your chiropractic business the right touch for it to soar to greater heights online.

30 Jul 2015

15 Black-Hat Marketing Techniques and Its Negative Impact on SEO and Ranking

15 Black-Hat Marketing Techniques and Its Negative Impact on SEO and Ranking


As a business owner in Newport Beach or anywhere else in Orange County, it is our dream to get to Google’s top rank. We employ marketing skills and strategies to crawl our way up to that dream. However, are we doing all these “white-handed?” Here are a few “Black-Hat Marketing” techniques which an SEO company might not know or otherwise turn a blind eye on:

1. Short Content. Content is the name of the game now and if you were used to short contents, it’s high time you reassess your strategy. Based on what Travis Bliffen of Website Magazine said, a content need to be more than 300-words long if you want to develop an optimized one.

2. Keyword-Rich Content. If you mentioned your keywords at every turn while doing it on number #1 (i.e. short content), ranking might not come easy. Holding on to the value of keyword density is not so necessary these days. What matters to search engines are contents that will answer the reader(s) questions regarding a particular topic and should cover all possible inquiries about it. Keywords are still beneficial of course, but the content’s theme takes priority.

3. Title with keywords. Your content title doesn’t need to contain the keywords you try to optimize anymore. What matters is that the title is relevant, interesting and even funny to attract viewers into your site easily.

4. Stuffed interlinks. The purpose of interlinks is to spread site visits thus promoting site equity but if you over-optimize these links, it might get your ranking in trouble. What you need to do instead is to use natural words that you can optimize instead of interlinking the keywords you want the content to rank for.

5. Over-optimizing your alt-text. Just because these are not seen doesn’t mean you can place all your keywords on the alt-text portion of your images. This is not going to help with your on-page SEO so there’s no use stuffing your alt images with the keywords you want to optimize.

6. Neglecting your alt-text. If over-stuffing your alt-text is bad, ignoring your alt-text also hurts your SEO efforts. Leaving your alt-text uncategorized means that search engines wouldn’t be able to ‘crawl’ on it thus missing out on opportunities that might get you ranked.

7. Stuffed Meta Keywords. Placing all your keywords on the meta tab will allow your competitors to know which keywords you were trying to optimize thus hurting your optimization effort. Try to use this section in a measured and strategic manner instead.

8. Exact Keyword Usage. Whether you are interlinking or placing exact keywords, this technique will never get you ranked. Make sure instead that you write a quality content using a series of keywords to get good SEO results.

9. Irrelevant or nonsensical keywords. According to John Rampton of Forbes, Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing has a way of identifying the true topic of a particular content so placing or incorporating nonsensical keywords just so you can rank on those keywords will just hurt your SEO efforts.

10. Forgetting Local SEO. When it comes to maximizing your brand reach, impact and impression, local SEO should be prioritized. Local viewers or consumers is what’s going to keep your business in the market so focus on creating contents that are relevant and tailored for the local community instead of putting too much effort on a national scale.

11. Article Spinning. This means altering just a few of an existing article’s title, format or word usage just to get ranked with the same keywords that that existing article has been ranked with. Duplicate articles get penalized and as John Rampton of Forbes said, original contents might be expensive but it’s all worth it at the end.

12. Funneling. Creating a page with overstuffed keywords that when clicked redirects the viewers or site visitors to a totally different page is a nasty black hat marketing technique. Even though it’ll rank for all the keywords it has been optimized for, it offers no value when it comes to giving useful information to the readers.

13. Spammy Commentaries. This utilizes a software that leaves out your business links on other people’s blogs to get a lot of back links. You’ll just get a mighty frown from Google if you use this backhanded technique.

14. Buying space in generic directories. If your purpose is to distribute your links to as many pages as you can without a care for the quality of the directory site(s) nor a care for the fact that the site isn’t visited by valid users and are just created for SEO purposes, then consider your ranking in deep trouble with Google and other search engines.

15. Article Scraping. This technique involves copying the content from one site to your site while you employed pay-per-click ads on your site for the sole purpose of getting sufficient search traffic-a very shady and abusive tactic especially on the site where you scraped your content from.

Drive Traffic Media is here to help you with your white-hat SEO Services and other online marketing needs to get top local rank in Newport Beach. Give us a call or fill out the form to get your free 13 online presence reports, website analysis and much more! Click here to fill out the form for the 13 reports or just call us at (949)800-6990 today.

10 Jul 2015
Google SEO algorithm

Harness SEO Services to Combat Google’s Phantom Update

Harness SEO Strategies to Combat Google’s Phantom Update


Content became the name of the game after Google released its “Phantom Update.” That’s right! As the word implies, no one knows the exact rule yet nor knew how it ranks websites through its  algorithm’s shift. How do an SEO company buckle up to get to the finish line? In this case, to the top of the ranking. Here are a few insights worth pondering on as presented by Michael Brandt, an SEO expert here in Newport Beach.

*Focus on Producing User-Friendly Quality Content. Regardless of the change on its rule, one thing remains the same. Google punishes poor content and rewards quality content producers. SEO services is not just about “keyword optimization” now. What is important is, it answers user queries when they search. We need to remember that there’s a person on the other side of his/her monitor or mobile device looking for valuable information that would help them on a given topic. Your content, therefore, should address all possible questions of that topic and should be presented in a way that would make your web viewers read its entirety- pique their interest, entertain them, empower them! When you accomplish all these things, you get likes, shares or comments which is good at increasing your website view target and engagement ratings.

*Clean up your Content before Publishing. Content with grammatical errors, misspelled words and broken links all spell disaster. It wouldn’t hurt to proofread your material first before posting, as the  benefits far outweighs the little hassle you’ll go through in editing. Besides, you don’t want your readers to smirk or shake their heads while reading, do you? Broken links should also be removed from your site as these are “time bombs” every time Google performs updates or change its algorithm.

*Visuals For User Engagement and Optimization. Images, infographics and videos are what normally attract readers to click and go to your site. Get the idea from nature’s “flowers to a honey bee” type of wooing viewers into your website. In addition, make sure you optimize not just your content but also your images by filling in alt-text, description or caption that makes sense to your topic. In short, cover all bases and possible loopholes. It doesn’t hurt to be meticulous when it comes to rendering SEO services.

*Get a Mobile-Responsive Site. This is already Google’s existing algorithm when it announced Mobilegeddon, however it doesn’t hurt to remind site owners to make this a rule of thumb. With 4 out of 5 owners using their mobile devices to shop online, it is high time to rebuild your site to become mobile-friendly not just for the ranking but more so on the conversion percentage your business gets which is three times higher compared to the same search performed with the non mobile-friendly sites.

*Interlink. To drive more traffic and page visits to your site, hyperlink keywords to your target pages. Google may have shifted its algorithm but the amount of time your viewers spend on your site would still clearly play a big role.

*Be Consistent. Write useful and content-rich articles frequently with the purpose of building your viewers’ trust and the reputation of your business. SEO is just like baking a chocolate cake. If you didn’t scrimp in using the best ingredients, you’ll end up with more loyal and repeat customers. In addition, make sure that your listings (Google+, Bing, Yahoo and directory sites) contain similar basic information like your business name, address and contact number to make it easier for your website viewers a.k.a potential customers to find you. Your site’s consistency tantamounts to your site’s visibility.

Regardless of the change, the rule of thumb should be, SEO companies need to be prepared and focus on producing contents that are not just “keyword optimized” but are viewer-friendly and useful. Change is great especially if SEO companies don’t just focus on the traditional SEO strategies but are getting smarter in preempting the king’s (i.e. Google) wishes.

Drive Traffic Media is an seo expert here in Newport Beach which can help you with your SEO and other online marketing needs. Give us a a call or fill out the form to get your free 13 online presence reports, website analysis and much more! Click here to fill out the form for the 13 reports or just Call Us at (949)800-6990 today.

29 Jun 2015
newport beach seo

Interlinking and How it can Help SEO Efforts

Interlinking and How it can Help SEO Efforts


For a website to generate web traffic to get more business and ultimately be ranked higher by Google especially in Orange County, SEO services from a result-oriented and trusted SEO firm should be employed. SEO or the optimization process usually involve a tricky and complex procedure but one way to do it is by interlinking.

We usually see highlighted keywords on an article but do we know the purpose of why it is placed on that particular blog? That is interlinking and the reasons are simple yet at times, hard to achieve. If done correctly though internal linking can accomplish any or all of these things:

First, it helps Google to prioritize pages that are important on your website and get it ranked on the context of its ranking system. Let’s say, a few of your blog posts talks about perfume in Orange County. When you hyperlink those and point it to the ‘Products’ section of your website, it would help Google to know that the ‘Products’ section needs to be prioritized above all your other pages.

Second and most important is for your users. This reason being the most important is quite obvious. Website visitors’ decision to stay or go somewhere else depend largely on how easy they navigate to your site, how simple they can find your product or services, or if your contents answer their question(s) which was the reason they looked your site up in the first place.These things , when accomplished correctly by an SEO firm, can decrease the business site bounce rates ( i.e the number of people/site viewers who navigate away from the site because the site is boring or uninformative); it can also increase the time spent on the website which has a direct effect on the number of pages that will be viewed per visit.


How can Internal Linking be Accomplished?

Internal linking can be done through anchor text which are group of words that were highlighted and once clicked, points to another page on your website. It is important to note though that you can never use the name of the company for internal linking nor use the same words which will lead your site visitor to the exact name of the page you hyperlinked. For example, if you interlink a blog post containing “Perfume in Orange County” to a page which contain the same title, that would be a big no-no in performing SEO services.

Important Notes in Interlinking

Link to Onsite Source. As previously mentioned, the main purpose of interlinking is to keep visitors on your website so when doing a blog, make sure to link it to a source within your site instead of an offsite source. Set the option to open the page in the same window for easier navigation and longer view time. Web viewers normally will leave the site if they have to view the page on a different tab or if they have to visit another website to view the explanation of your blog (offsite linking).

Image/ Media Link. A blog is incomplete without an image or media so in doing interlinking, make sure that your image is linked to none. It shouldn’t be linked even to its source as it’s a sure SEO backfire. Unless the image also contains the proper keywords you want to optimize, it’s best to just avoid it altogether.

I know this might sound a little complex. if so, no problem! Drive Traffic Media is an SEO expert which can help provide your business with interlinking and all other SEO services here in Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County. Contact Us or fill out the form to get your free 13 online presence reports,website analysis and much more! Click here to fill out the form for the 13 reports or just call (949)800-6990 today.

18 Jun 2015

Growing a Business? Plant Local SEO in Newport Beach!

Our SEO firm cannot stress enough the importance of local SEO in online marketing especially here in Newport Beach. The easiest way to obtain new customers is no less than optimizing local SEO as nearly 92% of consumers seek out local businesses for the products and services they need. Nobody cares to look at yellow pages anymore unless you’re one of those people who never want to let go of their old cellphones to make way for a smartphone or tablet.

The shift in the trend is very beneficial to local SEO as this brings in more client who are seeking to promote their businesses online. What are the best ways to start local SEO campaign though? Here’s a few tips that you might want to try according to the SEO expert, Michael Brandt :

Google+. Google+ has been dubbed as a graveyard site because nobody cares to look at it however that’s what we are all wrong! How else can Google rank your business with its leading search engine if your business isn’t even listed on Google+? Think about it. Without any pertinent information of your business on Google+, nobody will give your business a second glance. Make sure to include all information regarding your business and top it off with a good quality photo and encourage past and loyal customers to leave you a review as this builds up your online reputation on Google’s search engine ranking.

Aside from Google+ local, build your business profile with two other major search engines Bing local and Yahoo local as well.

Directory sites. Directory sites pertaining to your business category in Newport Beach as well as the whole of Orange County should have all your information as well. Judy’s book, foursquare, Just Click Local, HomeAdvisor, LocalPages, My Web Yellow and several others where your business is listed should be claimed or otherwise activated with a consistent list of information like your business name, phone number and address (NAP) as scoring of your business through search engine is influenced by the ease by which Google’s crawl bots can see these details.

Make the most of the Review Sites as well according to our SEO expert. Request your customers to fill up an online review for you in exchange for a service discount or promo. Whatever it takes for them to give you a positive feedback online. Yelp reviews cant be ignored as in doing so would place your business in the mercy of unsatisfied customers who are out to ruin your online reputation. The more good reviews you get, the better ranking you’ll have.

Mobile-Responsive Site. And to top it off, all of these isn’t going to work out if your site is not mobile-responsive. Customers don’t have time to look your business up unless necessary, how much more if you ask them to review your business but your site isn’t accessible on smartphones and tablets? How will they make online purchases while they’re on the go unless though their mobile devices? As I mentioned before, Google’s bots likes simplicity and consistency. Two qualities that will allow it to see your site and allow your prospective customers to navigate to your site regardless of the device they use; which in the end will benefit your local rankings.

So if you want to top local rankings here in Newport Beach, hire an SEO firm like Drive Traffic Media. Give us a call and we’ll discuss how to grow your business through the expert internet marketing techniques we have acquired through the years. Call us at (949) 800-6990 and receive a free quote today.