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11 Jun 2015

Get Ranked! Do’s and Dont’s in SEO

Get Ranked! Do’s and Dont’s in SEO

No matter how good your product is or the service you offer, without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google will ditch your website in favor of those whose sites were optimized. Performing SEO services in Newport Beach can be a very meticulous work but what’s the use of prepping up for the king when he can’t even see you, right? So what are the key elements to remember to be ranked high in Google’s search engine? What does it take to be noticed? As an SEO company in Newport Beach, we have complied a list of Do’s and Dont’s in an SEO campaign in a local and national level.

Originality. Plagiarism is highly frowned upon by Google so the contents that you create should be 100 percent original. You can rewrite a content from a different website source but copying an entire section off of a different source is highly frowned upon. Rather than ranking high, your website will go down the drain and worst, will get de-indexed as Google’s penalty for being a copycat.

Too much attention on Your Keyword. Another way to get spanked by Google is inserting your keyword too often but your content is useless or lack things that viewers should know. Do you know that Google reward contents which viewers find useful and informative? Yes! And to get a good ranking, make sure that you don’t focus only on your keywords but also on the information your keyword is included on. Remember, the reason why consumers or online users are searching for you is not because of your keyword but answers to their questions.

Aside from the content and keywords, the image you upload can also be SEO-optimized. Eventhough your site viewers can understand the meaning of the image depicted in your content, the search bots of Google doesn’t know that! So instead of naming your picture with labels like photo101, you can put a descriptive name on it that would reflect your product or service ( i.e. auto-parts-in-orange-county.jpg or salon-in-newport-beach.jpg).

And saving the best for last….make your content visible on mobile devices. Remember what I told you about people viewing websites or links on tablets and smartphones? Google has included that on its criteria in ranking as well. It ranks websites that are mobile-friendly and visible so make sure that you hire an SEO company that can provide quality contents which are mobile-friendly.

So if you think that your website isn’t getting any rankings, what are you waiting for? Drive Traffic Media offers SEO services in Newport Beach that will get you on top. Call Us for a consultation now! 1(949)800-6990 or fill out the contact form here.

29 Jun 2014

The importance of on site seo and off site seo

The key to having a well optimized seo campaign is to have your onsite SEO optimized to the fullest so when all of your off site seo directs back to you site with ease. On site seo consist of an immense amount of optimization you don’t even see from the website. Some of the more simple onsite seo consist of having a site map, keywords, Google map intigration and images properly tagged. Off site seo consist of any link that is directing back to your website like Social Media, articles, blogs forum posting and much much more. The key to having the proper amount of onsite and off seo will determine how Google ranks you. This is why we have 2 employees just running test campaigns to see what is working best and to make changes to get the edge on your competitors. We have learned that posting manually with no automation is the key so every post is done by hand.SEO Drive Traffic Media