Pinterest has grown massively as being one of the most popular social media network worldwide! Since images are attractive, exciting and enticing, more and more people prefer images now over texts. Not surprisingly, females are the dominating force in this image sharing website. Up to date, roughly 90% of women prefer Pinterest for personal or business use.

As mentioned, Pinterest is an image-focused platform designed to attract people to notice you, follow you and buy your products. The very next thing that you usually do after setting up your Pinterest account is to create your boards. This is the place to pin a lot things namely pictures, infographics and even quotes to draw or attract followers.

Pinterest is more than just creating a board. It is more of creating a value in running the right boards for people to follow you, like and comment on your pins. Popular and interesting topics like health, recipes, social media, weddings, gadgets, humor, inspirations, etc., can be saved and found here. These are just some of the good things that would catch the attention of people especially your target market if you are running a business.

The next thing to consider is to tailor your pins to what you are offering the market. Select the best pins to stand out from the crowd. Organize the best boards with specific topic and useful insights to represent your personality and values. Keep it clean and clear with eye-catching and meaningful board names and description. Be creative and don’t forget to add a little bit of fun. Great boards with significant keywords are super important to help you get found and for your board to be easier to discover.

Since creating an exciting blog or website content can be time consuming, make use of it by pinning its images with links to your own website. Facebook and Twitter are two other social media accounts which you can spread your content and gather more followers from. Simply connect or link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest account. Lastly, be focused and consistent in pinning. Follow, like and comment on your followers’ pins and other popular boards.

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