Pinterest has ultimately grabbed the attention of social media marketers since it garnered millions of fans from its debuts back in 2010. A photo collecting site adored by most women all over the world, this social media platform provides an amazing opportunity to get products know-hows.

The most used feature on Pinterest is the search box that’s why it is important to make sure Pins and boards are optimized with your top keywords. Why? because it is even showing up in search engines which is one reason why large or small business owners capitalize on this opportunity.

Lets us find out what are some optimization techniques as we go along:

Initially, we have to make sure search engines can find you. Pinboards are visible to search engines so the search privacy on the settings of your account should ¬†indicate” NO”.

Next, when setting up a new board name, make sure it is based on your keywords. Again it is another opportunity to increase your SERP or search engine results page ranking. It is best advised not to use default titles suggested by Pinterest. It needs to be more specific and detailed.

Moreover, use this chance to add a short description of your boards and try to think of what your consumer does. Do some searches on other accounts that offer the same products and services as yours.

Pinterest also gives you a 500-character limit to describe all images that you have uploaded. Try to include your keywords on it too but strike a balance and always consider what your customers want.

In addition to descriptions you can place on boards and pins, a major component found in the Pinterest site is a hashtag. This will make pins more searchable within the site and would help your business to be found easier by your market niche.

The more hits your site gets, the better chance of getting high search rankings. How? Link your product to your own site that way pinners can click on your pin and they will be directed to your product page. Be sure to include the full URL when setting up your link or link it to the specific product or landing page on your site as this will boost your site traffic.

Pinterest with over 100 million active users globally and a total percentage of 85% female users has been listening to the needs of business users. Be sure to capitalize on this too.

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