Effective Ways to Manage Your Business’ Online Reputation

Effective Ways to Manage Your Business’ Online Reputation

Effective Ways to Manage Your Business’ Online Reputation

Managing a business about a decade ago is quite different as to how it’s being done now. Before, you can easily make up to your customer’s dissatisfaction by either talking to them personally or via the phone. But now, customers can leave reviews online for the entire world to see which can easily put your company’s name in jeopardy.

With the emergence of social media, it’s never easy to keep your business spotless. This means you have to double your efforts and make sure people only have the good things to say about your business.

We want to make sure you’ll be alright so here are a few things you can do to repair or strengthen your online reputation:


Don’t ever argue with a customer online

This is almost a no-brainer. Sad to say, it’s really easy to see yourself or your staff arguing with a difficult customer. Whether or not your customer is wrong, always make them feel special. Don’t let negative emotions take over you. If you’re too mad that you need to walk away from your keyboard, do so.

Identify negative content and attempt to remove them

An independent marketing research has found out that company owners, who have negative feedback on the first page of search results pages, are at risk of losing about 20% of their business. What’s worse is their losses get even higher as they receive more negative reviews. Therefore, it’s a must to deal with negative feedback. At times, you may need to use your customer service skills in appealing to a customer to remove his or her bad review. If this attempt is unsuccessful, then you have no choice but to bury the negative reviews with positive ones.

Also make a name for yourself, not just for your business

Without a doubt, taking care of your business reputation is essential. However, do take note that your work doesn’t end inside the premise of your company. Wherever you go, maintain a good public profile that matches your business philosophy. Be consistent across the board.

Share your positive experience

Make the most out of your positive experience by sharing them with the people around you and in social media. You can courteously ask your satisfied customers to write reviews about your business. Moreover, try to generate new content regularly. You can either start a blog or promote helpful links on your social media sites. Bottom line, create that so-called natural association between your customers, website, and social media accounts.

Make customers happy at all cost

Managing your online reputation is not just an option, but a necessity for your business. Always listen to what your customers have to say. Don’t take negative feedbacks personally and deal with them professionally.

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