Turn Your Blogs Into Instagram Posts

Turn Your Blogs Into Instagram Posts

The number one photo-sharing social media channel is getting more exciting. Aside from allowing users to share images and videos either through mobile or desktop devices, there is another way to level up and augment your campaign.

Bring more engaging and exciting content to your Instagram account by repurposing your blogs into Instagram albums!

Here’s how to Turn your blogs into Instagram Posts:

Unlike Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, sharing a link of your blog post is so easy. But not on Instagram. You need to be imaginative, experimental and resourceful. One way to upload a blog post image or a new blog post content is by linking your Instagram bio to your blog page. It helps showcase your content and effectively drive traffic to your site.

In addition, Instagram carousel gives you the opportunity to include more context in just a single post, share additional tips, give out more information, and gather extra interest in the blog topic posted, and even motivate people to respond to your call-to-action (CTA). It has been proven to boost engagement with your blogs, not to mention increase the number of significant traffic you’ll get from Instagram.

What are the Benefits of Repurposing Your Blogs?

Unique, attracting and quality images are always the key to gather engagement. Create stunning images for each key point needed in your blog post and share it to Instagram. Multiple images are also a game changer on Instagram. If you are using multiple images in your blog post content, you can organize your images and create an album to tell a story. The trick is to plan the order of each image in your post and do not forget to include CTA. Take advantage of this great opportunity and reach your target audience. You can share various images over multiple days and even weeks to spread out your campaign. This will increase the chances of people seeing one of these Instagram posts, so you get higher chances of getting clicks on it. Another important thing to remember is to always include a CTA that encourages people to click through your site and read the full blog content. Provide strong caption that will support your images as it helps people understand the message you want to convey.

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