There are positives and negatives stemming from Google’s dominance of the search engine market, Los Angeles. The most significant negative has to be that you must conform to Google’s standards if you want your site to be discovered. If you try to break out on your own and set up your website however you like, you’re not going to get the traffic that leads to sales.

The positive aspect of Google holding the top spot is that they provide many different analytical tools that you can use for SEO which will prove advantageous. They’re giving you a hand up if you’re only willing to take it. That’s why you should pay attention to Google trends. They matter, and if you’re going to play this game, you might as well play to win. Here are some current trends of which you and your internet marketing agency should be aware.

How Short View Insights Can Give You A Quick Traffic Boost

It’s helpful to know about keyword trends in your niche for long-term traffic goals, Los Angeles, but short-term trends can be just as vital. Looking at a 90 or a 30-day view can give you insight for content marketing maximization.

For instance, these days “Near Me” searches are prevalent, as mobile site use continues to increase. Likewise, “How To” searches dominate search engine queries. Setting up long-tail keywords within your niche that include those phrases is a recipe for SEO success, Los Angeles. You can even break down the analytics further to see what days of the week those are most popular.

You Can Use Geographic Data To Boost Your Ranking

Another analytics feature that Google has mastered is showing you what people are looking for immediately around them. That matters for SEO particularly if your store has a physical location. You can optimize your on-page content so that it is relevant to the highest amount of people possible.

Geographic nuance added to your blogs and articles can demonstrate to Google that your site is more relevant than those of your competitors. If you can get some of these new visitors to share and like your content via social media, then that works as free promotion for you, Los Angeles. It’s self-sustaining SEO.

Though Google has a monopoly on search engine use, it tries to give back to websites with its many helpful features. You and your internet marketing agency should know how to use as many of them as you can. Working in tandem with Google is likely to get you more site traffic and sales, and that has to remain your ultimate goal.