Facebook’s New Rule Affects Your Bottom Line in Video Marketing

Facebook’s social media influence cannot be ignored as it is the platform mostly used by people all around the world to communicate and share updates with friends and the public. Even more so, Facebook‘s impact on video marketing is not something that can be laughed about especially if you happen to be a business owner. With its 1 Billion video views per day, what business on its right mind can shake it off? That is why, Drive Traffic Media is now sharing with you this new rule as it will set the pace of video marketing in Orange County from here on.

Talking first about the rule, Facebook has recently changed its viewability metric when it comes to its video ads. Whereas before, it will make business owners pay for impressions created after a video is uploaded on the newsfeed and watched for at least 3 seconds. Today, it will only charge advertisers after the video is watched or viewed for at least 10 seconds.

The reason behind it was explained by Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson who said: “One of the requests that we’ve been hearing in the market for quite some time is a way for our marketers to be able to buy based on guaranteed view” and “It’s really for those marketers who value video views as the best proxy for a business objective.”

For business advertisers, this is indeed great news and a step to the right track. I mean, who would want to pay for ads when viewers wouldn’t be able to see the brand or the product being marketed anyway? If viewers pause the autoplay functionality after only 3-5 seconds of watching, is it enough to know what the ad is all about or which brand is advertising? Clearly not!

The impact of this announcement to video marketing means that we have to adjust our video strategy to make sure that companies who sign up for a video package with us will have their brands plastered on the first 10 seconds of the video. That is, if they so happen to decide to use their videos on their social media accounts specifically Facebook (which is usually a given). Otherwise, we will recommend the best possible way to market their video without the additional cost of Facebook ad-spending.