Fundamental Tips On Social Media


Fundamental Tips On Social Media


When you’re marketing for your brand on your social media platforms, there are many fundamentals that you need to understand on a basic level to give yourself a head start over everyone else who has similar ideas as you. These may seem like simple steps to give you the advantage you need against any other Orange County digital marketing agency, but they can bring you more success than even the most complex of plans.


Visual Presentation

That old adage of ‘ seeing is believing’ contributes heavily to how well you can succeed on social media. You need to appeal to a person’s visual perceptions by not just dropping a picture but stylizing your posts so that your posts pop out to the viewers in comparison to others. Making sure to visually stand out from others when they are surfing through their computers, pads, or phones is crucial to succeeding when marketing in social media.

Patience Is A Virtue

You’re not going to be able to succeed at your social media marketing game right away. Especially if you’re new to it and is just starting out. Remember that you’re going to be competing against others who are already veterans in marketing, so it will take some time to make up the distance they have already covered. Making the right posts at the right time to build up traction and a following will take some dedication, but doing so can pay serious dividends for you, so long as you are patient enough.

Cost and Time Efficiency 

Another factor that you will have to manage carefully is the costs and time you put into your social marketing plan and its execution. In order to stand a chance against your competition, allocating enough time to make social media posts is more important than you might think of. Having someone who specializes in this field is important to establishing your marketing presence on these platforms. Determine the amount of fund you want to allocate to manage these posts, and what you put online will make a difference in the traction you can gain with your followers and supporters. 


One method that you can use to see if your efforts online are getting results is to see just how much attention your posts are getting. If you’re receiving increased attention due to a post that you’ve made, see which post it is, along with the comments people are making in reaction to it. From there, you can gain some valuable insight as to just what type of content people are drawn to. If you’re feeling especially bold, go out of your way to ask questions in the comments to start a dialogue with these people to get a more in-depth answer on what they like! You might be surprised by their answers which can only help you in the future. 


Not every strategy is going to be a surefire method of success indefinitely for you. Social media is always changing, including the platforms you can use to boost your or your clients’ marketing presence. On top of these, new social media platforms may sprout with new features, which means you will have to adjust to the changing times. Much like how you’re going to be changing to ensure your marketing tactics are relevant, so these platforms will need to change so that they can, in turn, stand a chance against your competitors. 

Aside from the changes in platforms, look out for what is trending and popular. Certain hashtags are more popular than others, meaning you need to adjust to get the clout necessary to keep your marketing skill relevant. 

Knowing your audience

All of the allocated time, money, and best visuals you can put together won’t mean too much if you don’t actually understand for whom you’re making your content. Choosing a hashtag to slap onto any posts you make is very important. However, choosing a hashtag that has little relevance to your posts won’t draw in your audience if you’re not aware of what they care about or are invested in. Focusing on knowing your audience -what they love, or their interests-can bring you in more viewers so long as you keep your finger on the pulse of the consumer’s passions. 

An Elite Website

When you’ve gotten enough attention to the point where you have a large following on different social media platforms, it’s only logical that you should have a striking website that your viewers can go to. This is vital in case they find themselves in need of further info about you and your services. Having a good website that represents you or your clients’ interests is akin to having a good base of operations that visitors can stop by. Hook them in further with a remarkable good website design, and you have them for the long haul.


If you want your presence on social media to be strong, then following these steps will go a long way in cementing your digital success, especially if you adapt them to the ever-changing online landscape. Any Orange County digital marketing agency worth their salt will observe these changes critically and adjust themselves with these fundamentals, especially for whatever happens in the future. 

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