If you want to monetize your Orange County website, use the art of SEO. For those with some SEO knowledge and experience, this is more of a choice. You know what this is and how to do it. You may even make a handsome amount of money.

However, if you are not a big-name guru, and customers beat your door and threw thousands of dollars at you every month. You also don’t have a website empire with a high ranking and cannot bring you substantial monthly income.

If you are an expert you can make a lot of money using these skills.

The main problem with search engine optimization is that it takes a lot of time. You have to find a market segment, research keywords, build a website, write content, find monetization methods, get links, and more. Also, you have to wait for the rankings to come. That can take months or even years in some cases.

Then you have to do it again. Usually, you don’t make a lot of money from each website. Therefore, it takes a long time for you to make enough money to sustain your life. In it’s worth it, but if you need to make money now, it hinders your progress and makes you feel at a loss.

So what you want is some way to bring in significant revenue while continuing to develop a long-term SEO strategy, and this is precisely what this post is for!

Below are some ways you can use to make money through SEO almost immediately:

1) Provide your SEO services

Go to internet marketing forums (eg, warrior forums) and Facebook groups, and provide your search engine optimization services.

2) The freelance site

Another thing you can do is take your service from step 1 a step further and provide the service on freelance sites (eg, Upwork, guru, etc.). Generally, this is one of the best ways to make money on the internet for the average person who needs some extra income.

3) Fiverr (and Konker) SEO performances

If you are able to design a great profile and be professional, then you can shine on Fiverr. This will be especially useful if you have specialized expertise: blog promotion or social signal or PBN. You won’t believe how many people need these things and are ready to pay suppliers to take care of them.

4) Local Business Customers

There may be hundreds of local Orange County businesses that need your services, most of which don’t even know you. Local SEO is usually much more natural than doing SEO globally, which may be something you are currently (or trying to do) yourself.

In many cases, small business owners rarely know how to do SEO, or even what SEO is at all, but almost everyone can benefit from it.

Talk to some businessmen in your area and provide them with your SEO services (for a monthly fee). Not everyone will hire you, but some people will hire you, and you can work on your site for long-term residual income and earn considerable income from the front end.

That’s all for SEO consulting, one of the best ways to build a business online today. Every one of us needs a higher ranking and more targeted traffic, so if you have search engine optimization skills, you can write your salary!

5) Launch Jack-Up Video

You can quickly make affiliate sales by making videos on current upcoming products. Go to a website like Muncheye to see which internet marketing products are currently being released, and then make a YouTube live commentary video on them.

Live videos tend to be ranked very quickly (especially if you improve it with your SEO skills) and usually stay for a few days and then back down. If you choose the right time, then you can use this method to make real money today.

Not all of your videos can rank or lead to sales, but some videos accumulate over time. Over time, the cumulative effect will make it faster and easier to make money from your videos. This can be done in any market segment, but more manageable in smaller, more targeted market segments.

That’s it. There are several excellent ways you can now benefit from your SEO skills. You may not get rich by doing anything, but they can be an excellent complement to your income when you build your online business empire.

Now you know how to make money online with SEO, why not implementing all these ideas for your Orange County company?

Let’s get started immediately!