Have you decided to hire an SEO company, Orange County businesses? If so, it’s likely you’re already seeing positive results. However, it should be remembered that search engine optimization, when done right, is all about continued analysis: it’s always going to be a work in progress. Think of your website like a car engine, that often needs to be tuned up to keep it running smoothly. Under optimal circumstances, what you want from your SEO company is that they’re constantly making changes, and analysing data. That way, your website is always stocked with fresh content, and your search engine ranking are staying high. Here are a couple more specific things your SEO company could be doing.

You’ll want the company to be monitoring conversions on a set schedule. Most likely, that schedule will have been talked about during the initial meeting, when the company was hired. The conversion checks could be daily, weekly, or monthly, but the bottom line is that you’re looking for the company to analyse the data and use it to the best advantage of the website…using only white hat industry techniques, of course. On that note, here’s a couple of things your SEO company should not be doing.


Your SEO company should not be submitting fake press releases. They should not be buying links from different websites, thereby artificially increasing your web presence, and they should not be doing anything else that “games the rankings,” as it is sometimes known. Companies that do these things might temporarily increase your web visibility, but it will come at a cost. You’re trying to generate legitimate leads that result in sales. That’s hardly likely to happen if you have people being directed to your site that aren’t looking for the services you’re offering.


Expect realistic returns from your SEO company, but you want them to be doing things the right way. As you become more familiar with good SEO practices, you should be more equipped to hire the right agency, if you start out with a few simple questions. If you’re not getting the answers you want, it’s okay to move on.