In talking about “technical” SEO Orange County, what we’re talking about is how well a search engine can interact with your site. Are there any aspects of the site that are confusing to the crawlers? Tools like Deep Crawl and Screaming Frog can help you figure out spots that are deficient, but there are a few main areas to which you’ll always want to pay attention. Here are a few of them.


Race to the Top

How fast does your site load? If it’s been thirty seconds or longer, and it’s still struggling, that’s a problem. Google will drop you in the rankings if your site is taking a long time to load, but you’ll also turn off potential customers. Your average web surfer will just look elsewhere if your site is taking forever. Remember, in the modern era the human attention span is probably the shortest it has ever been.


Mobile Users

Have you ever tried to use a site on a mobile device, and it doesn’t load as smoothly as it does on a laptop or PC? Or has a pop-up appeared on your mobile device around which it’s impossible to navigate? You should pay attention and make sure that sort of thing isn’t happening. Lots of potential customers could be trying to access your site, and if it isn’t as smooth on their phone or tablet as it is elsewhere, they’re going to get frustrated.



What is your website hierarchy? In other words, is the content structured as it should be? If someone goes to your landing page, the first thing they should see is what the company is all about, a logo, a statement of purpose, things of that nature. Products shouldn’t be featured immediately, nor should testimonials or F.A.Q.’s. People expect things to be in a particular order on a site. Switching that order around will be a disservice to you, and it’s not going to win you any points with Google either.


If you’re a smaller business, then you shouldn’t have too much technical SEO to worry about; your website should be relatively straightforward. If you’ve got a massive website for an equally large company, then it’s a lot more critical. Whichever the case, don’t neglect any aspect of your site. You want the process of using it to be as smooth and headache-free as possible.