SEO Orange County is something that you must continuously fine-tune. If you’re doing your website optimization, then you must consider many factors, as the rubric by which Google and other search engines index your site is always being updated. Here are a couple of areas that it would be unwise for you to neglect.


Monitor Your Page Changes


Page change monitoring refers to tools that will alert you to changes in the pages on your website of which you’re keeping track. If you’re part of a big marketing team working for a larger company, you will find these tools to be particularly invaluable. In such a scenario as that, it is not uncommon for clients or other webmasters to have access to the same pages as you. When you use tools like and VisualPing, you can be alerted anytime someone makes a website adjustment that could impact your ranking. When it comes to search engines, even small changes can have a significant impact on your rankings, and it pays to keep a close eye on the pages and sites over which you’re supposed to be watching. With these tools, you can even set a scan frequency, and you’ll always be the first to know if your site gets hacked or something else catastrophic occurs.


The Benefits of Keyword Grouping


Keyword grouping is when you group keywords in clusters for a variety of different SEO purposes. It’s an excellent way to optimize landing pages and to locate areas on your site where content can be developed and have a more significant impact on your ranking. But how can you know where on the site keyword grouping would be most beneficial, and how can you know which keywords to use? Tools such as SE Ranking Keywords Grouper or Wordstream Keyword Grouper can be helpful. By using a well-developed keyword grouping strategy, you can better understand how each type of keyword is working for you. You can also make sure that your landing page features the keywords that are most likely to get it noticed by both potential customers and search engines.


You should never think of your site as being a finished product. Keep tinkering with it and you should stay consistently at the top of the rankings, and lots of organic traffic should be able to find you.